Lightning McQueen Returns in Cars 3 Trailer from Pixar

Lightning McQueen Returns in Cars 3 Trailer from Pixar

Lightning McQueen Returns in Cars 3 Trailer from Pixar

When the first teaser for Cars 3 came out audiences, including myself, were a little nervous.  I mean I completely understand comic book films adopting a darker tone but I never thought that Cars 3 would use the “death and destruction” angle.   And no, I’m not saying it was literally all about that but it sure as hell seemed grim don’t you think?  Thankfully the latest trailer for Cars 3 gives us some hope that the movie will be a little more fun and uplifting than previously anticipated.   According to Looper

The trailer begins when Owen Wilson’s Lightning McQueen is approached by Nathan Fillion’s new character, Mr. Sterling, who tells him that he is poised to become “the biggest brand in racing.” While Mr. Sterling promises movie deals, infomercials, product endorsements, and riches beyond belief, Lightning is confused, apparently eager to stick with his one true love of racing. However, as Mr. Sterling (and the last teaser) brutally points out, every time Lightning loses a race, he damages himself, and, after one big crash, it seems that he may have to hang up his racing gear for good.

The addition of Fillion is more than welcome from me.  I think he’s got an amazing cartoon voice.  Ever since the move Monster’s University I’ve wanted him to do more animated voice work. Cars 3 also stars Kerry Washington, Bonnie Hunt, Tony Shalhoub, Larry the Cable Guy, Margo Martindale, Lea DeLaria, and Cheech Marin.  It will be relased June 16.

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