Is Linda Hamilton Coming Back to the Terminator Franchise?

Is Linda Hamilton Coming Back to the Terminator Franchise?

Is Linda Hamilton Coming Back to the Terminator Franchise?

It looks like the woman that helped to kick off one of the greatest scifi franchises might be coming back. Linda Hamilton is rumored to be making her way back to the Terminator franchise, and many fans couldn’t be happier to hear the news. After all she was one of the reasons why the franchise became so cool despite the downward slide it started after the first movie. The merest mention of her since T2 has been enough to cause people to grin and remember the good old days when she and Kyle Reese managed to send the first Terminator to the scrap yard.

Following her performance in T2 however she was never seen again. Emilia Clarke stepped in for her in Genysis but was woefully underdone and nowhere near what fans were hoping for. Her representation of Sarah Connor just wasn’t as on point as it should have been and the film itself was considered to be a mashup of the most popular aspects of the films and yet another terminator design that was meant to stump the leads and create a new level of tension and drama. And one of the most unfortunate parts is that the story of Kyle Reese continued to change as often as the character.

In the first film he’s a lean, scrappy warrior from the future while in the second film he only gets a mention. He doesn’t even show up again until Salvation when he’s a skinny kid that barely knows how to fight. And then in Genysis he comes back as a super-buff warrior that’s still highly inept when it comes to people. One might be able to blame the tampering with time for these many changes, but the inconsistent nature of the films is the more likely culprit.

And then we get to Sarah Connor. One of her biggest contributions in the first film, as many guys will know, came when she and Kyle Reese got together and  conceived the savior of the human race. From that point on she wasn’t much use until she finally trapped the terminator and crushed him. It wasn’t until Judgment Day that she really got tough and showed what she could do.

With the number of older male actors coming out for a last hurrah however it’s time for the women to be able to step up and do the same. An older, meaner Sarah Connor could be just what’s needed to pep the Terminator franchise up again. Plus it would be a lot of fun to watch.

The rumor mill is a-churning so far regarding what the next Terminator movie will be like, but if it features Linda Hamilton you can easily bet that she’ll be taking her role back from Emilia Clarke in a hurry. Plus, another rumor is that the next film will completely disregard Genysis, as though it had never happened.  Some fans are no doubt cheering at that news while others might wonder why. The whole truth of it is that the time-jumping, while obviously necessary, has done a serious number on the franchise.


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