‘Beau Is Afraid’ Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix Takes Center Stage in Ari Aster’s Nightmare Comedy

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Ready for more Ari Aster? Among the new names who reinvented the horror genre is the Hereditary and Midsommar filmmaker, Aster, who burst onto the mainstream scene back in 2018. Now, Aster is back, but in a film that’s somehow even more unconventional than his previous two, Beau is Afraid. The brief description about the film states, “A paranoid man embarks on an epic odyssey to get home to his mother in this bold and ingeniously depraved new film from writer/director Ari Aster”.

The upcoming film features Oscar winner Joaquin Phoenix whose long line of acclaimed films already serves as a testament to what Beau Is Afraid has to offer. What’s more, the supporting cast features a slew of strong talent that includes Nathan Lane, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Patti LuPone, Zoe Lister-Jones Amy Ryan, and Parker Posey. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on April 21, 2023.

Aster himself called Beau is Afraid as a “nightmare comedy” when he first teased the project back in 2020; however, the newly released trailer is whole new level of strange, yet, compelling in a way that definitely grabs draws attention. Aster is strongly known for his attention to detail in his films, which is notable in Hereditary and Midsommar. Beau is Afraid seems no different, though him venturing into comedy territory is very interesting.

Ari Aster’s Venture Into Comedy Is Surprising

Beau is afraid trailer

Credit: Beau is Afraid

Based on Aster’s previous releases, comedy is certainly an unpredictable venture for the director. However, it wouldn’t be the first time a filmmaker ventured outside of their comfort zone and produced quality work. Martin Scorsese notably directed Hugo. Jordan Peele, who was known for his work in comedy, came out swinging with his directorial debut, Get Out. Aster exploring a different genre while maintaining his style should make for an exciting film overall. Interestingly, Aster has been writing this script for quite sometime. He also wrote and directed Beau, a 2011 short about how a neurotic middle-aged man’s trip to his mother is delayed indefinitely when his keys are mysteriously taken from his door.

There’s obvious similarities from both the short and the feature based on the trailer, though the core of the story was likely changed due to the feature format. This is actually Joaquin Phoenix’s first film following his Oscar win for Joker in 2020. Originally, Beau Is Afraid was called Disappointment Blvd but the film’s title changed as production moved on the project. At the moment, alot of the details surrounding the film have been kept under wraps, but based on the trailer, this seems to be the type of film that’s best going into blind, though it could be argued that the trailer showed way too much to be a surprise.

When Will Beau Is Afraid Hit Theaters?

Credit: Beau is Afraid

As previously stated, Beau is Afraid is scheduled for theaters on April 21, 2023. It will be be hitting theaters in a particularly competitive month. Other movies slated for an April 2023 release include Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, Evil Dead Rise, Chevalier, The Super Mario Movie, Renfield, Polite Society, and On a Wing and A Prayer. However, Phoenix’s star power and impressive track record with movies will definitely help Beau is Afraid stand out in an overcrowded month. If that doesn’t do the work, the Beau is Afraid trailer promises viewers a surrealist and wild ride set to follow Phoenix through a multi-decade journey of self discovery.

Watch The Trailer for Beau Is Afraid Below

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