A Wedding Crashers 2 is Happening at HBO Max

A Wedding Crashers 2 is Happening at HBO Max

It still remains a big question as to why anyone would think that a sequel to Wedding Crashers would be a great idea unless those in charge were willing to break up the happy couples that were seen driving away in the first movie. It sounds as though Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn have been trying to make this sequel happen for a while only to be stymied by the idea that it wasn’t really necessary. Years later it would appear that it’s become necessary and that the idea might have even evolved to have the two leading characters become single in their 40s, which is worth a laugh since both men are in their 50s now and definitely look it. The practice of using older actors to portray younger characters has worn a bit thin over the years and to be realistic it might be better just to see how they might fare being divorced men in their 50s. But then comes the question of why they did get divorced, especially since it sounds as though Isla Fisher and Rachel McAdams are coming back as well.

There’s no word on whether Christopher Walken and Jane Seymour will come back yet, but just trying to think of why this would even be a possibility is tough enough. There are reasons to be certain since there are always bound to be ways to push a story forward, but sometimes it feels as though there are stories that really need to be left as they are since they reached a great spot to stop at. Not everyone agrees obviously since this is happening and people are actually getting excited about it, or at least there are plenty of sites stating that people are getting excited. This time around though it does sound as though the movie will make its way to HBO Max rather than to theaters since it’s not guaranteed that the interest will be as high as it was for the first one. What made the first movie fun was that it was a common enough idea that had been developed and pushed to the audience. Vaughn and Wilson played two divorce lawyers who were like giant kids when it came time for wedding season and hadn’t really grown up yet. Will Ferrell played the same type of role in this movie since his character is the one that taught the two leads about wedding crashing.

Without any surprise, there are plenty of people that might say that Wedding Crashers couldn’t be made in the same manner today thanks to everything that’s happened. But that feeling is slipping very quickly since looking at the movie and TV content that’s been coming out lately, it’s fair to say that there’s still a lot of content that’s revealing the hypocrisy of those that are deriding the movies of the past few decades. But the truth behind this movie is that it really can’t be the like the first one since the guys have gotten older, they’ve hopefully been kept for longer than a few days, and as a result, it’s very possible that they’ve forgotten how to be single and might be seen trying to adjust to the life once again. But there’s still that question of what led to their divorce. That’s bound to be a sticking point until the synopsis is finally given, but it’s not the only one.

It’s a decent question to ask if Bradley Cooper is coming back, but it doesn’t feel likely since he was ousted in the last movie, and it doesn’t make a lot of sense to bring him back. Right now bringing the movie back doesn’t even make a lot of sense, but getting over that aspect is going to take a little bit of time. There’s something about a happy ending that, sometimes, needs to be left alone in order to continue to grow and develop beyond the credits. The initial movie was left alone for a good while, but it still feels as though it could have been left for good, if only because there had been conflict, climax, and resolution, and it didn’t need to a lot further.

If this movie does well it will be due to the fact that the writers manage to find some way to keep it entertaining despite the happy ending it tapered off with. How that will happen is unknown, but while it’s kind of tough to keep faith that it will come about, it’s what has to be done if we’re going to have anything to say about this movie when it’s expected to release in 2022. I could be wrong in my assessment, but the movie’s going to have to do something pretty special to prove that. Here’s to sincerely hoping that it does.

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