Why Marvel’s Black Knight Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Marvel’s Black Knight Deserves a Solo Movie

Why Marvel’s Black Knight Deserves a Solo Movie

The Black Knight that was brought to life in Marvel comics was at one time a member of the Avengers and one of their more popular members for a while until he faded off into obscurity. Now that he’s being brought back along with The Eternals it feels as though a little more light should be shed on his story since he is an interesting character in the Marvel universe and he did claim and eventually change his late uncle’s legacy, as the Black Knight, before Dane Whitman, was associated with HYDRA, which thanks to the Captain America movies is well known to be a villainous organization. Arguing for a solo movie for Black Knight feels like it might meet with a lot of resistance at this time since to a lot of people he’s not that well known and it’s possible that it might be best to give him a solo outing on Disney+ before the attempt to put him on the big screen, again as a solo act, is made. Maybe it’s even better to see how he does as part of The Eternals movie before he’s really let off the chain since again, not being as recognized as other heroes right now isn’t the best idea when it comes to introducing a new face to the crowd. Comic book fans would no doubt be ecstatic to see this character take on his own movie since it could possibly work as Dane Whitman has the resources and the ability to become a decent hero. But again, it’s that whole new face aspect that might work against him.

It does help that Black Knight has some history with the Avengers in the comics since it could be that he might be included in the next few phases that the MCU is hoping to roll out eventually, and it could happen that he might even get his own solo movie at some point. After all, Shang-Chi is being brought out and trying to figure out how many people still remember him is bound to be a little difficult. New heroes aren’t always bound to be looked at and passed over, but given that there are so many of them out there it’s hard to say yea or nay when it comes to making a solo movie for all of them since likely as not, trying to drum up interest when it comes to their cause might be more than a little difficult. It’s all about who’s known and who isn’t, and heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, and many others are well-known since they’ve been pushed over and over throughout the years to the public. Supporting and outlying characters such as Black Knight and The Eternals and several others have had to ride the coattails of the other heroes in the hopes that they too would get their time in the sun. In fact with the next couple of phases of the MCU, it does appear that Marvel will be taking the chance on lesser-known heroes that are typically only remembered by comic book fans and those that might have come across them in the past. It’s a risk that’s hopefully going to pan out, but it’s also something that’s uncertain at this moment since the only thing that a couple of the movies have going for them, apart from the all-star casts, is that they’re increasing their diversity, cultural awareness, and are including more LGBTQ+ material that a lot of people are willing to get behind.

That might sound a bit cynical, but Marvel has been bending the knee along with just about everyone else when it comes to being pressured about change and how diversity is needed. There’s nothing wrong with diversity or change, but bringing it about just for the sake of appeasing those that are undeniably vocal about it for trivial reasons has become a bit of an issue. When all is said and done though if the end result is worth the changes then it shouldn’t be a problem. If the MCU starts to tank because they’re seeking to appease only a few people instead of their key demographics though, then it might be time to head back to the drawing board. As far as the Black Knight goes, it’s easy to think that he could hold his own miniseries and, if that went well, possibly his own movie, but at this time it feels more accurate to state that it’s best to see how he does in a movie where he’s a supporting character and not yet the lead. That way it can be seen just how effective he is and how much people will respond to him since otherwise, it becomes an issue of pushing a character that people can’t connect with.

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