The Life-Size Giger Alien Head You Didn’t Know You Needed

With the amount of Alien-themed products that have been released in the last month or so I wouldn’t be surprised if we come across a Alien-themed bedroom or even apartment in the near future.  As long as Alien: Covenant comes off as a success I could see this warped trend continue.  If you haven’t bought those Reebok Alien sneakers we mentioned the other day or the Xenomorph pez dispenser, then perhaps you’d be interested in a life sized Alien head prop?

I’m not here to judge you on how to spend your money but $1800 for this thing does seem a bit pricey doesn’t it?  Then again, this is one hell of a collectible no matter how freaky it looks.  Here’s a full product description:

CoolProps are proud to present the Giger’s Alien Head Life-Size Prop Replica which was approved by H.R. Giger Museum in Switzerland. The Life-Size head prop replica of H.R. Giger’s Alien was developed using the prop from H.R. Giger’s workshop. The characteristic transparent dome was faithfully reproduced with modern techniques.

Check out more photos below:

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