Life Lessons the Movie Caddyshack Teaches Us

“Do you do drugs Danny? Every day. Good.”

Okay, that wasn’t a lesson we needed to learn from Caddyshack, but was amusing, right? It also highlights at least one of the lessons that will be given in detail below. What movies like Caddyshack showed us, in its own hilarious way, is that life is just too short to be pent up and angry all the time. You’ve got to cut loose, get loose, wait, wrong movie. Anyway, you’ve got to learn how to just have fun with life and not take things so seriously. Oh, and always, ALWAYS, be the ball.

Here are a few life lessons you might want to learn from the fun-filled and off the wall movie if you just want to enjoy your life.

5. Don’t get intimidated by the distractions in your life.

Life is going to happen, and it’s gong to try to scare the living hell out of you or run you straight into a metaphorical obstacle of some sort. What’s guaranteed is that there is a way around it and that you can find it if you really look. If you allow yourself to become intimidated by the small, petty things, you might miss out on the big, pretty things. Take that as you will I guess, but the point is that if you don’t lift your head from the troublesome things in life once in a while you’ll miss out on everything else that could be coming your way.

4. Dance like no one’s watching, even if they are.

This goes back to being too serious about life. Sometimes you need to stop being so uptight and just let loose. Move your hips a bit, sway with the music, and by all means just bust a move if you feel the need? So what if people look at you funny? They might be jealous and don’t want to admit that what you’re doing looks like a lot of fun. Have a blast with life and enjoy it while you’re here.

3. Stop thinking, and be the ball.

As Ty Webb says, there is a force in the universe that makes things happen. He also says that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, in the opposite direction. But really and truly, be the ball means to just let go of everything and connect to that one unifying force so that you can tap into it and make things happen. You might be amazed at what does happen.

2. Take care of your own life, don’t try to measure up to others.

Why worry about the progress of others in relation to what you’re doing?  If you’re living your life on your own terms then everyone else will sort themselves out. Competing with others is not a waste of time, but if you focus more on their game then your own you’re bound to learn absolutely nothing. Focus on your movements, your breathing, and your success rather than on their defeat. The only time you really lose at anything is when you make a conscious decision to worry about the other person instead of your own game.

1. Always believe in the underdog story.

Nine times out of ten the underdog might lose, but it’s that one win that really matters. No matter what you do in life if you can take the one win and make it work then you’re already ahead. Don’t worry about the consummate winners that take success and wear it like a blanket. Often times they’ve forgotten what it’s like to lose and therefore couldn’t handle it if they did. The underdog knows what it’s like to lose, and they understand how to roll with it. That’s why their wins are so much more meaningful, because they’re not over-saturated and essentially useless when it comes to life experience. So root for the underdog, because quite honestly, they’re often more worthy of the win.

Don’t let anyone fool you, Caddyshack was in fact meant to be a comedy. It was also meant to share a few life lessons with the audience as well however, packed in between the jokes and hilarity so that people could occasionally learn more than just how to roll a Bob Marley joint.


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