Liam Neeson as Cupid is Deadly Effective

I’m not sure how effective Liam Neeson would be as a classic Cupid but as an assassin posing as the bow and arrow-wielding bringer of love he’d absolutely deadly. Can you imagine this guy trying to sink an arrow into someone so that they’d fall in love with someone else? It’d be creepy as all hell to see him sneering and snarling at you as he tries to get you to fall in love. In fact I think you’d want him to AVOID using the arrow and just intimidate you into asking the object of your affection out on a date. It might even help the divorce rate go down, who knows?

I’ve got to say that this is only marginally less creepy than watching him do the mall Santa Claus bit since at least in this one he’s armed and doesn’t look like a straight up maniac that might stab you to death with a butcher’s knife. Neeson is definitely not the guy I would pick to dress up in holiday gear and become the next legendary figure if we could avoid it. The guy is just flat out intense even when he’s relaxing. So far as action roles go he’s great since you get the idea just by looking at him that he’d mess you up in a heartbeat and then go down to the local pub to have a drink. A person would be an afterthought when he was done and only come to memory now and again when he had to take stock of how many people he’d had to teach a lesson.

But as Cupid maybe he’d be putting notches in his bow to remind him of just how many people he’d really had to sink his arrows into. I get the feeling the bow would be whittled down a toothpick held together by a string by the time Valentine’s Day was over. You do realize that as much as this day is supposed to be about love it’s also one of the biggest days of the year in which rejection of another person and their affections takes place, right? For all the lovers and spouses and would be romantics that get to enjoy this day there are many upon many that are heartbroken and find themselves peering down into the depths of a bottle when all is said and done. Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the saddest days of the year, even though it’s also one of the most amorous.

With Liam Neeson at the helm as Cupid it might become one of the most violent, perhaps even rivaling the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre of 1929. Would you really want Neeson armed and hunting people down to tell them to fall in love on this day? If he was in character you’d be better served to plaster a big smile on your face and hold your significant other closely to make it look like his services weren’t needed. It’d be like Ra’s Al Ghul trying to make you fall in love, or else.

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