10 Things You Didn’t Know about Lexi Rivera

Lexi Rivera is a young woman who has gained quite a social media following. She’s found it easy for her to charm her audience, and they are following her like crazy. For someone who is still a teen, she’s doing quite well with her life. Fans are always looking to learn as much as they can about her, and we’ve uncovered a few things about the social media star that you might not already know. If you’re ready to learn more about her, pay attention because we have everything you need right here.

1. She’s Only 19

She’s very young, and we were not joking about that. She’s still technically a teen despite the fact that she is a legal adult at the same time. She was born on June 7, 2001. However, she’s not letting her young age stop her from being the best person she can be, and she’s doing it all online for her fans to follow along with.

2. She’s Got a Huge Following

She has approximately 3 million online followers, which is a huge number of people behind her. She’s got a YouTube channel with just that many people, which does not count her other followings on social media. She’s got more on Instagram. She has approximately 7.3 million followers on that channel.

3. She’s the Youngest of Four

Lexi Rivera comes from a big family, and she’s the baby. But, she’s not only the baby. She’s also the only girl. This means so many things. Her three big brothers work to take care of her, tease her, and she says often that not one of them is her single favorite. She loves them all equally.

4. Her Brother is Also Famous

If you’re wondering why her name is so familiar, it’s probably because her older brother, Brent Rivera, is also a social media star. He has his own channel, and it featured his sister so often that it was easy for her to find her own following over the years. She also has a brother who plays hockey, and she has one who we aren’t sure about in terms of what he does with his life.

5. She Feels Fortunate

She spends a lot of time with her family, and she feels very fortunate that they all get along so well. Lexi Rivera is close to her brothers and her parents, they are all getting along well despite their fame and their busy schedules, and she feels that’s a lovely thing she doesn’t take for granted. We like that about her, and we totally feel she’s in the right to feel this way.

6. She’s Exceptionally Close to Her Mom

She might not have a favorite brother, but she’s very close to her mother, too. She finds her mom to be her biggest inspiration. She calls her selfless and wonderful. She calls her positive, and she said her mother always taught her that it’s so important to be kind and to treat other people with respect and love.

7. She’s A Gymnast

Growing up, being a social media star was not her dream come true. She was very focused on her gymnastics. She was so focused on it that her brother, Brent, even created a YouTube channel for her so she could show off her gymnast skills as she learned them and perfected them in her life.

8. She’s Rumored to Have a Famous Boyfriend

It seems that she and Ben Azelart have not confirmed their relationship, but they both appear in one another’s videos often. He is also a famous YouTube star who has a channel that focuses on things like pranks and skateboarding. However, they are both very quiet about their personal life, and neither has addressed what they are publicly for the world to see. They spend a lot of time together, and while they seem very happy together, they recently confirmed that their on-again, off-again romance is off for good. They said, together, that they are just better as friends, their entire relationship has been so confusing, and they just didn’t know what they wanted for a very long time.

9. She’s Close to Her Grandmother, Too

Lexi Rivera posts a lot of videos on her Instagram channel that also features her grandmother. Her grandmother seems like a lovely woman and a great sport, and we love that. She seems very cool and down to earth, and it’s easy to see where this family gets their unique sense of humor and their close nature.

10. She’s Got a Sense of Humor

If we had to choose what it is that makes people want to follow Lexi Rivera, it’s her sense of humor. She’s clearly funny, and she doesn’t take anything too seriously. We love that she seems to love her life and that it loves her back, and that’s just one of those things that really does make a difference.

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