Let’s Talk about The Executioner

Let’s Talk about The Executioner

Let’s Talk about The Executioner

Jason Momoa’s career has been coasting for years now and while it’s taken a few dips here and there, he’s managed to stay busy for the last several years and has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments when it comes to his movie and TV appearances. The Executioner, an upcoming movie that blends mystery with action, sounds like it could be another entry in Momoa’s long list of cinematic roles as it’s already being described as a movie that combines the suspense of Knives Out with the vibe of The Lord of the Rings. That’s quite a stretch to be fair, but it does sound as though the movie might be something special to pay attention to when it finally releases a few details. At the moment things are being kept under wraps in a big way, but this has become a common practice over the last few years as constant leaks that reveal script details have been kind of a problem. But with Momoa as part of the cast, it feels that this movie will have a great headstart for its overall success. 

It’s been kind of obvious since he came on the scene that Momoa was bound to be an action star, as his dramatic chops have been building over the years. He’s come quite a long way from some of his earliest appearances, and it’s not tough at all to say that his role as a leading man isn’t perfect, but it’s easily good enough to keep putting him at the head of a cast. A lot of misconceptions about action stars have come up over the years and they’ve affected a lot of people when it comes to public opinion since some of the ideas concerning action stars haven’t changed that much from the 80s and 90s, as some folks still expect action stars to be rough and tough without much need for drama. 

Things have changed though as the years have passed, and it’s bound to happen that The Executioner will show this just as much as other movies have over the past decade and more. But the vague description is enough to get people thinking since the idea of mixing elements from movies such as Knives Out and Lord of the Rings is different as it gives people something to think about. The thrill of a good mystery and plenty of action could draw the kind of attention that people are willing to give to any movie that stars one of their favorite faces, though once the details start to come out it will be interesting to see if anything changes. People have made up their minds about movies before ever going to see them plenty of times before, so it would be no exception if people decided to be intrigued by this movie only to say ‘meh’ when they find out more about it. The fickle nature of fans is well documented at this point, and it’s bound to happen that some folks might not want to invest too much of themselves in another one of Momoa’s movies for one reason or another. But it does feel a lot more likely that the movie will be a cause for excitement. 

The biggest reason for this is that it’s Jason Momoa that’s taking on the movie, and if people are bound to be that predictable it’s easy to state that Momoa will keep people excited to see what the movie is all about since his stardom is great enough that people will want to keep tabs on the movie and when it will be filmed and then released. It does feel as though the moment people see what the movie is all about, they will seek to compare it to other projects that Momoa has taken on over the years. The trick with this is that like many other actors, Momoa has increased in his acting talent over the years, and has shown a great performance in several movies, but a slightly less convincing presence in others. There’s a better than great chance that people will still see this movie even if they’re dubious about it since it’s Jason Momoa after all. 

Hopefully, within another month or two we’ll have more to say about The Executioner, but with this title, it feels certain that those that are already showing interest will find that it’s the type of movie that Momoa will be perfect for. An action movie with a mysterious lean to it is bound to be something that will capture the attention of enough people that might want to dig a little further into the idea and see what’s lying at the heart of the story. As of now, no other cast members have been announced, but it feels safe to say that other big names will be attached to the feature. 

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