Let’s Talk About Marvel Zombies

Let’s Talk About Marvel Zombies

You’ve got to wonder where this show is going to start and where it’s going to stop. Plus, as it’s already been seen with Marvel Zombies, the super-powered undead get to keep using their powers in a very impressive way, which is apparently not hard to explain since, unlike other zombies, the heroes tend to keep their personalities and intelligence, but can’t get past that need to consume living flesh. The Marvel Zombies have managed to do a few very disgusting things and have also been shown to be highly resilient, but the rot is the one thing that none of them get away from, other than the hunger and the pain that they continually suffer through. If one were to think that a healing factor would be beneficial in this case, they would be wrong since healing factors are one of the few things that are negated when a Marvel hero becomes a zombie apparently, and it’s kind of obvious that even if they did work, the heroes might go from being zombies to normal and then back to zombies since the virus does appear to be much stronger. 

It’s not really certain when we’ll get to see Marvel Zombies on Disney+, but a lot of fans are already claiming that the What If? episode that featured these ravenous creatures is the best of the season. I’d gladly argue with that, but people have been in love with the Marvel Zombies line for a while, so it’s not worth arguing all that much since it is kind of an interesting story even if it feels like it couldn’t possibly lead anywhere unless something went really wrong. And of course, since the zombies still have their intelligence and abilities that’s entirely possible, especially if the show depicts them taking down someone like Galactus, and thereby gaining the power cosmic, which could enable them to do quite a few things. 

Gruesome as this is bound to get, one can’t help but think that it’s going to be impressive as well since the scope of the What If? episode was great enough that a lot of people were left wanting more when it was all said and done. It helped that the big reveal for the episode was the Scarlett Witch, who had been kept in containment by Vision. But one can imagine that a show featuring the Marvel Zombies and those that have to contend with them is bound to be popular no matter what. Whether it’s due to the fact that zombies are a strangely endearing movie and TV idea or that Marvel and the idea of zombies just appear to go well together, it’s likely that this idea will continue to flourish, at least for a while. Given that the Marvel Zombies exist in their own contained corner of the multiverse thanks to the Watcher, it’s fair to say that the series might last just as long as it needs to unless the writers start getting a little crazy and think about the different ways that they can possibly expand, especially if the devouring of Galactus becomes a plot point. 

At this time the show is going to happen but it’s not for certain when we’ll get to see it since like a lot of projects that get announced this is more of a tease and a promise that a lot of us are hoping will be met, just as others have been. Disney+ has been coming out with a great deal of material over the past two years of its existence and has been more than a little impressive since it debuted in 2019. With so much on the schedule, it’s hard to say which way people should direct their gaze since the number of shows and movies that are available on Disney+ alone is bound to astound a lot of viewers and make them wonder just which way they should be looking. The answer, of course, is to follow whatever interests a person and perhaps to discover the rest of it as they go since it’s easy to assume that Disney isn’t going anywhere and there will be plenty of time to watch everything that interests a person so long as they’re willing to be patient. 

But in regards to Marvel Zombies, it does almost feel as though it should be a limited series unless someone in the writer’s room can come up with a reason or a way, or both, that could create a truly interesting scenario in which the zombies find a way outside of their containment and go on to terrorize the rest of the multiverse. It could end up being a little bit like the finale episode of What If?, but it could also be something great that fans would flock to and want to see more of in the months to come. 

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