Legends of the Hidden Temple Is Getting Revived on Quibi

Legends of the Hidden Temple Is Getting Revived on Quibi

Kevin Burwick of TVWeb kind of answers his own question when it comes to wondering why Legends of the Hidden Temple wasn’t brought back sooner, and it also speaks to why Quibi might have more of a challenge on their hands than they realize. Given the chance to look back at the show and what went wrong and what worked it’s very likely that any and all problems should be ironed out, and with Nickelodeon producing it could possibly be a fun and engaging show yet again as it was back in the day. But a change of setting, a more efficient system, and a better setup could lead to a greater experience for those involved. Thus far it does sound as though adults are going to be able to get involved this time as well and the popular Temple Run will be making a comeback within the show too. In a big way bringing a bit of nostalgia back is enough to remind people why Nickelodeon was such a fun channel to watch at one time. Quibi does appear to have a lot on its hands at this point though since this show alone was something that managed to cause a few issues among its contestants largely because of several issues that popped up over the course of its initial run. Producer and creator Scott A. Stone had this to say:

“Bringing back Legends for Quibi is a dream come true. I have been so lucky to be part of this defining millennial show, and now there is a defining millennial platform to go with it. I couldn’t be more excited.”

The hope at this time is that things will be different enough that the show will be less of a challenge to operate and teams will be a little more satisfied with the results than they were in the past. Back in its heyday the show could only grant the grand prize to 30 teams out of the mix and several teams were created a random, which unfortunately led to a good deal of backstage drama that will hopefully be avoided this time. The fact that it’s taking place outside should be interesting and it should also give the game a decidedly different feel to it since the original was conducted in a studio where everything was controlled. While everything will still be as controlled as possible there’s still a much different feeling to being outside than there is to being cooped up within a carefully constructed set, so it it might be fun to take a look and see what’s been done to make the show a little more unique. Plus, the fact that adults will be allowed onto the course as well to engage in challenges means it’s likely going to be a bit harder to accomplish and the challenges will increase in their intensity. Linsdey Romain of Nerdist has more to say on this.

There are times when it feels as though shows are being brought back to remind people how great the programming was back in the day and to share that joy with the current generation, but in another way it also feels as though some folks are unable to think forward and thus come up with new ideas. Basing those ideas off of what’s come before isn’t a bad thing really, but it would at the very least be forward movement that could possibly build off the past instead of trying to relive it. In this manner it’s as though many networks are admitting that they can’t come up with their own material due to budget concerns or a lack of creative thinking. Hopefully that idea will be proven wrong when the show makes its new debut but thus far it does sound as though a lot of ideas are being brought back instead of developed from scratch, meaning that the real difficulty lies in how to present the show in a way that people have never seen before instead of coming up with something new. It’s more than a little ironic since viewers want something that’s going to excite them and be unlike anything they’ve ever seen before, and then we get the same thing recycled, rehashed, and repackaged again and again. Does anyone else see the trend or are people willfully blinding themselves?

It could be that people think there are only a set number of ideas to work with and they’re not entirely wrong, as the themes that we’ve seen throughout the years have been repeated over and over without any other variation that can’t be compared to something else. The real challenge is coming up with something that’s entirely new and hasn’t been seen by anyone. That’s usually why we get excited about ‘new’ shows or those shows that have been revived, we want to see something exciting but aren’t about to invest in something that’s so completely unknown.

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