Lando TV Series is Officially a Go For Disney Plus

Lando TV Series is Officially a Go For Disney Plus

There’s been talk of this for a while but the fact is that now we can say for certain that Disney+ will be hosting a Lando Calrissian standalone series, and what might happen is anyone’s guess. The story of Lando and his buddy Han has been re-written in a big way thanks to the Mouse House’s influence and the fact that they don’t want to pull from the material that’s out there all that much unless they decide to pick pieces from the canon that many people think is useless. But Lando has had his own adventures in the books over the years and he has been a supporting character in many Star Wars stories, not just the original trilogy and Rise of Skywalker. It’s tough to say where the story will go from this point though since Lando is a man about the galaxy after all and has no trouble taking care of himself, or getting himself into trouble since he is acclimated to the life of a rogue and has been rather proud of it as well. But in this manner, it does feel that the person in charge of the story will be able to come up with a good number of ideas as to where Lando could go and what he could do to drive his own series forward.

There’s no guarantee at the moment that Donald Glover will take up the role again, even though following his performance in Solo: A Star Wars Story it’s believed that he would be the best person to do so. But it does feel accurate to think that at one point we could see a cameo or guest appearance from Han and Chewbacca if the person running the story is going to be nice about it since the two men and the Wookie tended to gravitate towards each other from time to time in the books. At one point Lando even became an honest businessman, and he did find someone to share his life with, but this was years removed from the timeline of the Solo movie, which is where it would appear that the series might be taking off from. A character such as Lando has plenty of ways to create opportunity though and plenty of luck that can help him find a new way forward when another is blocked. The fact that Solo left Lando without a ship is kind of a minor detail for the gambler since throughout his history in Star Wars it’s been seen that he’s slick enough to recover from just about any setback and can get himself out of most jams. But what will be thought up for the rogue this time around is uncertain mostly because it’s not known just yet which direction Star Wars is bound to go in.

One thing about this series and any other that’s set in a time period that rests between the three trilogies is that they are bound by the timeline and have to follow certain rules that might not be as appealing to some directors, but are important to keep to for continuity and to keep the fans from calling for a boycott eventually. That’s kind of amusing, isn’t it? The fans’ fickle nature is known to just about every person that’s worked on a Star Wars movie or series, and it’s wise to accept that it will happen, but it’s also smart to think of ways that might minimize such backlash since otherwise there’s a good chance that Star Wars could start losing a great deal of popularity if Disney continues to think that the fans are going to be so easily placated by one gimmick or another. Lando is a show that will need to work a little harder if only because as popular as the character is, and he is, don’t doubt that, he’s still one individual in a story that usually centers around a group of individuals or has the individual interacting with many different people that end up becoming a type of support group that the individual can rely on. Yes, I am talking about The Mandalorian, since the series starts off with Din Djarin being a loner, but as of now he’s reliant upon several people and is intent on rescuing Baby Yoda, sorry, Grogu. Lando is about the same way but unlike Din he kind of needs company to keep himself occupied, and to have someone else around to stroke his ego from time to time, or at least give him a bit of a challenge from an intellectual standpoint.

How this turns out will be interesting to see since Lando is a character that one can’t help but like since he’s easily one of the smoothest individuals in the franchise. But where the story is going to take him is already kind of intriguing to think about.

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