10 Fascinating Facts About American Idol’s Laila Mach

10 Fascinating Facts About American Idol’s Laila Mach

10 Fascinating Facts About American Idol’s Laila Mach

Stepping into the audition room of American Idol is always a nerve-wracking experience. With just one performance, the fate of a singer lies in the hands of three judges. It’s no wonder Laila Mach felt the pressure when she entered the room. However, as soon as she began singing, a sense of calm washed over the room. Laila took a risk by performing an original song, but it paid off as the judges were captivated. As she prepares for the Hollywood round, Laila has already gained a strong fan base. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Laila Mach.

1. Singing Has Been a Part of Her Life Since Childhood

At just 15-years-old, Laila is no stranger to singing. She began at the tender age of 4, and what her parents initially thought was a cute hobby quickly evolved into something more significant. By her teenage years, it was clear that Laila possessed a unique talent.

2. Her Father Encouraged Her to Audition

Although Laila has always been a fan of American Idol and dreamed of a career in music, she never imagined herself on the show. It was her father who convinced her to audition, and she’s grateful she took his advice.

3. Laila Has a Growing YouTube Channel

Social media has become a powerful tool for emerging artists, and Laila is no exception. She has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos of her performances, and so far, the channel has garnered over 2 million views.

4. She’s Also a TikToker

Laila isn’t limiting herself to just YouTube; she’s also embracing TikTok. She began posting videos on the platform in early 2021, and her follower count is already approaching 300. As her journey on American Idol continues, her fan base is likely to grow even more.

5. Laila Enjoys Connecting with Her Fans

Despite being at the beginning of her career, Laila already has a dedicated group of supporters. She’s grateful for their encouragement and loves engaging with them both in person and through social media.

6. She’s Formed a Close Friendship with Victoria Lopez

While American Idol is a competition, it hasn’t stopped contestants from forming strong bonds. Laila has become close friends with fellow singer and New Yorker, Victoria Lopez. In an interview with Hudson Valley One, Laila said, “We met while auditioning, and then I found out that she lives in Monroe! I’m so happy to have found her and made this special friendship.”

7. Laila Recently Experienced a Breakup

While Laila has much to be excited about, not everything in her life has been smooth sailing. After her American Idol audition, her boyfriend ended their relationship. Breakups are never easy, but Laila isn’t letting it hold her back.

8. She’s Already Released Music

Laila’s American Idol performance wasn’t her first time sharing her own music. She has released several singles and a six-track EP titled Lessons Learned in 2020. Her music is available on all major streaming platforms.

9. Piano Isn’t Her Only Instrument

During her audition, Laila showcased not only her stunning vocals but also her impressive piano skills. However, she’s also proficient in other instruments. Laila has been playing the guitar since she was 4-years-old and can also play the ukulele.

10. Her Decision to Perform an Original Song Was Last-Minute

Performing an original song on American Idol is rare and often discouraged by the judges. Laila initially planned to do a cover but changed her mind at the last minute. In an interview with a local ABC news station, Laila said, “I would rather go in there and take a risk than go in there and play it safe.”

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