10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kylie Ramos

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kylie Ramos

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kylie Ramos

If you don’t recognize the name Kylie Ramos, it’s all right. You’re not alone. Unless you’re her mother or someone close to her, you wouldn’t. However, you will. You’re about to get to know a heck of a lot about her, because she’s about to spend a lot of time on your television making herself available to a man by the name of Peter Weber, who is the new Bachelor. He’s going to get to date Kylie along with 29 other women in the meantime, and we don’t know how far she will make it. However, we do know you’re about to see a lot of her, so we figured it’s time you get to know this new Bachelor contestant.

1. She’s 26

She’s among the many 20-somethings who are just looking for love and cannot find it. She’s not very old, but she feels that she needs to go on television to find herself the man of her dreams since she just hasn’t found him yet. Of course, if you keep reading, we think we can probably give you a good idea of why she’s yet to commit.

2. She’s From Santa Monica

The blonde beauty is a California native, and she’s one of only three women on the show who live and work in the state. The new Bachelor is an LA native, so they have the fact that they don’t have to commute to see one another in common if he does end up choosing to spend his time with her. Who knows, though.

3. She’s Only Had One Serious Relationship

In her short life, she’s had one serious relationships, and it ended when she was merely 23. She was with a man for a long time (well, we don’t know how long only that she said he was her long-time boyfriend). He cheated on her, she ended things, and that’s the end of the story. He was her only boyfriend, so we don’t know how long that one lasted before it came crashing down around her.

4. She Won’t Commit Without Approval

Here’s why we think she’s yet to commit. She will not do it without her family’s approval. Now, we are all for being with someone who gets along with your family, so we don’t blame her here. What are the actual chances of being happy with someone for the rest of your life if your family doesn’t like them? It’s slim; that’s the answer. So, we are happy to know she’s got this going for her. Will the new Bachelor be this happy about it?

5. She Loves A Bikini

As do most young women with great figures, she’s not someone who shies away from posting a lot of photos of herself in a bikini to her social media pages (I’m not judging. I’ve had four kids and I do the same thing). What this tells us is that she is comfortable and confident in her own skin. She also does a bit of modeling in her life, so that also helps.

6. She’s Got An Impressive Following

In a very oversaturated influencer market, there are a million women looking to be influencers on social media who struggle to grow their following and make a name for themselves. She is not one of them, though. She has gorgeous photos, and she’s got more than 30k followers. That’s big, and it’s enough that she can ask for money for sponsored content, and she probably makes a few dollars a year doing this work for herself. It’s not a bad gig to have if you can get it, and we do think her new role on the reality show will help her gain a few more followers.

7. She’s a Vlogger, Too

Are you really a social media influencer if you don’t have a YouTube channel of your own to sell products and show off what you really love the most? She’s got one of her own, but she doesn’t have nearly the following on her YouTube as she does on Instagram. She has only a few more than 4,000 subscribers on this account, which means she’s not doing as well here. To be fair, though, it looks as if she doesn’t post that often, which means many people probably don’t follow her here.

8. She’s An Entertainment Sales Associate

We don’t know what this means, per say, but it does sound like a real job. So many jobs don’t sound real anymore, and we all know that the Bachelor editors can make “unemployed and living with my parents” sound like the most spectacular job with their job descriptions from time to time. We don’t know where she words, but she is in California, so this does make some sense to us.

9. She Does Collaborate

She has modeling shots and collaboration shots on her Instagram page going back a few years, so it’s clear to us she does get some modeling work and some other work in the process. She seems to like it, and she almost always posts a photo of herself with a caption that reads something like “So fun shooting for at company name right here today!” with a comment about loving all of the new items she’s gotten from them. Of course, that’s part of the job and it doesn’t have to say sponsored or ad if you get creative enough, right?

10. She Loves Her Friends

There is no shortage of photos with Kylie Ramos and her girlfriends on her social media account, which means she probably has a close-knit group of women to love. She seems to spend a great deal of her time with them, too, which is always good news. She’s got that going for her, and she’s someone who seems to really enjoy her time with them. When you won’t see there, though, is any photos of any men on any of her pages. Is that telling, or is that deliberate once she was cast for the new season of The Bachelor?

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