Did you Know that Rami Malek Was on “Gilmore Girls?”

Did you Know that Rami Malek Was on “Gilmore Girls?”

Did you Know that Rami Malek Was on “Gilmore Girls?”

Rami Malek was actually on Gilmore Girls at one point and had three whole lines before disappearing from the show completely. Obviously that wasn’t the end of his fame but it was enough to note that he was at one time a small part of an episode in a show that’s been talked about ever since it was taken off the air. If you want to look and see proof all you have to do is go to Netflix where the show is currently located. He looks super young but it’s obviously him and despite not being seen again he would continue to pop up time and again in movies and TV shows, the most noted being Mr. Robot.

If you really take a look at his resume however you’ll see that he’s been in another several projects that made decent use of his skills. He showed up in Larry Crowne and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. His list of roles goes on for a while in both TV and in movies so it’s fair to say that he didn’t miss out on much when he was only with the Gilmore Girls for that one episode. You can almost chalk it up to a cameo by a soon to be popular star. Rami has gone on to such fame that thinking of smaller roles such as this might be a good learning experience or something that he did just to get his foot in the door when it came to acting. Plenty of people have done this in various industries, taking smaller bits and pieces of work in an effort to prove that they can do something extraordinary.

The fact that he’s risen so high might be a mystery to some since he doesn’t seem like he did much in his earlier years. But really and honestly he worked quite hard for the position he’s in now, doing what he could to secure a spot in the various roles he’s taken on. Despite not being allowed back to the Gilmore Girls Revival it doesn’t seem to faze him since he’s got so much on the hook as it is. As of recently he’s been seen portraying the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury. Being as this is a role that a lot of people are going to be criticizing heavily you simply know that he’s going to be at his absolute best, which at this time is more than enough to prove that he deserves to be where he’s at.

Depending on who you ask he might be seen as one of the best actors to come up through the ranks in a while, but others might say he’s good, but he’s another face in the crowd that can perform when he needs to. In truth the compromise seems to be to say that while he’s elite he’s not exactly legendary in status as of yet. There’s no doubt he’ll get there, but at this point his fame is something that is easy to recognize.

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