KFC Making A Futuristic VR Horror Game Where You Make Fried Chicken

KFC Making A Futuristic VR Horror Game Where You Make Fried Chicken

KFC Making A Futuristic VR Horror Game Where You Make Fried Chicken

KFC is making a horror-based training video for their employees with VR. You get to learn how to make fried chicken and experience some creepy, over the top visuals that has almost nothing to do with KFC. But then we don’t get to watch the whole video so there might be a little more in there than some spooky-sounding music and a bunch of chicken pieces floating around in midair.

Whatever the case it’s creepy.

More to the point I see this drawing in a lot of younger employees that just want to go through the training VR experience rather than settle down into a job that won’t resemble the video in the least bit. In short, KFC is wasting a lot of money on something they really don’t need.

If you’ve ever worked in fast food or in the food service industry at all you’ve likely had to sit down and watch those boring training videos that almost every place has at least three or four copies of. They run you through the basic stuff that you need to know, and I mean BASIC. What not to do, what to do, how not to treat people, how to treat them properly, etc. What they never teach you is how to deal with customers that live by the rule of “the customer is always right” which is as erroneous a thought as there ever was.

Unless this video is going completely against the grain though then it’s going to be a lot of the same with better graphics and a story line that will do just about the same as the old videos. It almost looks like the beginning of a murder mystery crossed with a weird, offbeat murder thriller that has something to do with chicken pieces. Weird, yes. Creepy, yes. Informational? I’m not really sure yet but it seems likely that it’s got more going for it with the graphics and VR experience than it does when it comes to actual training. Because really, what is there to frying chicken?

Every place has their own way they want it done but as long as you follow the instructions, do everything as it needs to be done, and keep repeating that process, things should progress just fine. A VR experience seems like a waste of money really since like I said the only reason that people will be joining KFC’s ranks will be to go through the training. After that they might feel a little disillusioned that the job experience is nothing like the training. That’s a bold prediction really, especially since it would be the folks that have never had a job in their lives that will likely feel this way.

One thing I do wonder is if the original found of KFC would ever approve of this method of training or if they would be flat out appalled at what’s taking place in their restaurant chain. It’s hard to say really but this is now and that was then and then has little if any bearing on now.


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