Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 7 Episode 8: Sometimes You Need to Adjust Part 1

On the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, news of Lamar’s departure from the Mavericks hits the family. Everyone is upset for Lamar, but glad that it means he and Khloe will be coming home. When Khloe arrives home a day earlier than Lamar, the family greets her with hugs and balloons.

Scott is hired to work a Sweet 16 birthday, where he’s just supposed to say Happy Birthday and present the 16 year old with her cake. The family wonders if he can behave himself. Bruce wonders why these parents would even want Scott given his reputation. The party is in New York and coincides with the opening of his restaurant. Kourtney and Kim want Khloe to join them for Scott’s big event but Khloe doesn’t want to go because she is stressed with moving boxes and furniture home from Dallas.

Lamar returns to L.A. and tells his parents-in-law he has mixed emotions about having been released from his team. Bruce tries to give him encouragement by sharing a personal story from his days as an athlete. The morale of his story being, have confidence and you will overcome failure. Lamar is touched and even Khloe appreciates Bruce’s effort.

Bruce is feeling down about his youngest girls growing up. Since Kendall drives and takes Kylie with her, he never gets to spend time with them. Coincidentally, Kendall’s car needs to go to the shop and Bruce is happy to have to drive them around. He asks about her prom and says she hasn’t been asked. Bruce says if he was in high school he would ask her. This creeps Kendall out and asks when her car will be ready. Bruce stalls her for another day or so. Eventually Kendall calls the shop herself and discovers her car has been ready. When she confront s her father about his lie, Bruce tells her how much he misses spending time with her. Kendall doesn’t think hiding her car from her was the right way to go about it because all he had to do is ask to spend time with her.

In New York, Scott is out to dinner with Rob and some friends. When he starts acting up, Rob can only shake his head wondering how the Sweet 16 party will go. The big night arrives but before they even leave the hotel, Scott crashes a bachelorette party next door to get warmed up. Rob wonders if Scott knows how to behave around young teenagers. They get to the party and Scott greets the birthday girl. Rob witnesses Scott beginning to get wild and gives him a quick talk. He tells him he will give him a signal to let him know when he’s crossing line. Scott has a nice chat about parenthood with the father and watches videos of the teen from her childhood. This makes Scott feel sentimental and excited for having his baby girl. Rob congratulates him for toning himself down.

Khloe and her assistant get busy settling back into her home. Her primary concern is getting Lamar’s training wear and essentials unpacked and ready for him. Kim tells Khloe that the she wants to spend time with her and see Lamar. Khloe is adamant that Lamar has a training schedule to stick to (and she’s involved in it) so they don’t have a lot of time. She feels the need to be part of the training so she can support him. Her sisters put more pressure on Khloe to join them in New York for Scott’s opening. Kim explains how they are trying to make Scott feel more a part of the family and how much they miss Khloe. They list several more reasons, but Khloe says she can’t commit to it. Her sisters think she takes the doting wife bit too far sometimes. Khloe unloads on her best friend Malika about all her stress. She wants her family to back off a bit so she can get settled and get back into the flow of life. Khloe can’t understand why the family doesn’t understand why her family doesn’t think she’s busy when she fully respects when the others are busy with their lives. Malika tells her it will be okay but really can offer little comfort.

Kourtney and Kim discuss a strategy to try to get Khloe to come to New York. They agree that Khloe wants to do everything in the world to make Lamar happy and support him because he’s lost so much in his life. Kourtney knows Khloe wants to do it but very astutely ponders if Lamar even really wants this much from her. The sisters visit Khloe at her house. They get into with her, which backfires. Khloe says she’s tired of the pressure and harassment. She tells them to F off , calling herself an Odom and them Kardashians. Ouch.

On the next episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim must comfront the Kanye West rumors, The next episode will air Monday, July 9 at 9 p.m. (ET) on E!.

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