10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katherine Ryan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katherine Ryan

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katherine Ryan

Comedians sometimes need an extra push to become known in their chosen field, but then again some simply get up on stage and do their things and let things happen as they will. Katherine Ryan might not be someone you know, or she might be, but like so many that have found their way on screen she’s managed to do her thing in her own style and become a well-known and very respected individual that has done things her way. One could say that she hasn’t had the easiest life in the world as she’s been dealt a few curve balls that she’s had to withstand now and again, but she’s managed to keep her footing and continue onward, reaching a very prominent spot at this point as she’s become one of the more famous comedians out there. If you haven’t watched her set at this point it might be time to give her a look.

Here are a few things about Katherine you might not have known.

10. She was fired from Hooters for kind of an odd reason.

At one point she’d been working for Hooters long enough that she was training other waitresses as well, but it would seem that when she wrote the message “club sandwiches not seals” across her breasts this might have been too much for the company to handle. It does seem that this would be kind of harsh for a first offense, but by that reasoning it could be that she’d been warned before.

9. Katherine has been a comedian now for a quite a while.

She’s been on stage and doing her thing for years now and has been around a bit, long enough to know her own routine and to know what works and what doesn’t. That’s one thing about comedians, they have to learn to adapt and evolve to appease the crowd or they don’t last long.

8. She’s always been open about the cosmetic surgery that she’s had.

Katherine has had work done and she’s been pretty up front about it since she doesn’t see the need to lie to people when it comes to going under the knife. She’s had breast augmentation a couple of times and doesn’t mind letting people know.

7. Katherine has been through two bouts of skin cancer.

This is nothing to laugh at unless you’ve been through it a couple of times and can work it into your routine in some acceptable way perhaps, but it also shows that she’s not a quitter and doesn’t give in easily to despair or the possibly inevitable.

6. At this time she’s still in her late 30s.

For being under 40 it seems that she’s been through quite a bit in her life already and is still standing, so it’s fair to say that she’s tougher than a few people and likely can take care of herself in a very convincing manner.

5. She took her newborn on stage for her for an act.

Honestly she was back up on stage not too long after giving birth so it’s fair to say that while this might be frowned upon by some people it’s also something that helps define her as a tough, working mother that likes to keep her family close.

4. Her social media presence is big enough to be impressive.

Her followers number in the hundreds of thousands so it’s definitely apparent that she has a strong fan base. Comedy is something however that tends to shift with the passing of time and the fans tend to come and go as they will, though a lot of people do tend to stick around if they happen to like the act.

3. She has a net worth of around $4 million.

One thing you can’t call her is unsuccessful since she’s amassed a good following and an impressive career that so far has kept her and her family well off and cared for. To think that she might have struggled just a bit in the beginning only makes her life that much more impressive since she’s managed to climb her way to this level where she seems to thrive.

2. At one point she did try to make the MeToo movement a part of her act.

Madeline Fry from The Washington Examiner makes it sound as though Ryan is making light of the MeToo movement, and in a way she does with her jokes and sense of humor, but she also makes it known that Ryan, like a few others, falls kind of short when it comes to the laughs she might have expected when talking about certain subjects.

1. Her sense of humor is a bit caustic at times.

Comedy isn’t going to stroke everyone’s funny bone the same way and with Ryan the humor concerning what she thinks of men and what she thinks of various subjects that have to do with the treatment that women have been given throughout the years can be a bit edgy or even risque, but that’s comedy.

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