10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kate Stoltz

She’s a designer, she’s a model, and she was formerly Amish. Kate Stoltz is a young woman who has really made a big change in her own life since she first appeared on the TLC reality show, “Breaking Amish,” back in 2012. She’s left behind her Amish lifestyle and family, and she’s moved on to bigger and better things for herself. She’s currently a New Yorker living her dream as a designer and model, and things have been going really well for her. Fans love her, and they want to know more about her.

1. She’s Young

Kate Stoltz is young. She’s only 29. She was born on September 21, 1991 in Pennsylvania. She was born in a small town called Myerstown, and she lived on her family’s large farm. They had more than 100-acres, and they lived the Amish lifestyle. In fact, her family still lives the Amish lifestyle.

2. She Was A Busy Child

Kate Stoltz was born Kate Stoltzfus, but she’s shortened her last name for professional reasons. As a child on her family’s large and impressive farm, she was quite busy. She was the middle child, and she had six siblings; three older, and three younger. Her job on the farm was to spend her mornings doing farm work and her other time was spent being creative in the way that she sewed all of her family’s clothing.

3. She’s Successful

She didn’t want to continue living the life of an Amish woman once she entered her 20s. She knew she wanted something different for herself, so she picked up, left the farm, and she moved to the city. She began modeling almost immediately, and she’s worked for some big brands. She’s worked for Spiegal, she’s shot campaigns for Union Bay, and she’s even posed for Maxim Magazine.

4. She Has a Degree

When she moved to NYC, she knew she wanted to go to school. She enrolled in courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and she earned her associate’s degree in fashion design. It was 2015 before she began her own line, though. It’s called Kate Stoltz, and it’s all about luxury women’s wear.

5. She’s Won Awards

As a new designer, she was good. She was able to win the 2014 Demiurge Award, which is a huge deal. This award is awarded to young designers who are on the up and coming list of new faces and names to watch as emerging designers in the NYC area. She won, and no one was wrong about her designs. She’s quite good.

6. She’s Big on Giving Back

She might have left her Amish roots behind, but she didn’t leave her big heart behind. She’s created a foundation called Developing Faces, which is meant to help young children and babies who have abnormalities or deformities located on their faces. The organization helps kids find the help getting and paying for surgical care when they cannot find it otherwise.

7. Her Old Friends Worried About Her

She might be a massive success right now, but she dealt with a hard blow moving on from the Amish lifestyle. It’s all she ever knew, and it’s all she ever lived. When she moved to the city and was introduced to the real world and all it entailed, her friends thought she was exercising too much, not eating nearly enough, and going through a very emotional mental health issue. She is someone who clearly needed help, and it seems as if she might have come to that realization herself a few years ago.

8. Cultural Differences are Hard

When she was a child, she didn’t have any access to the outside world. She didn’t have a television or know how people communicated or spoke to one another. She doesn’t always know what to expect or how to see things for what they are, and it’s been the cultural differences that have been the most difficult for her to adjust to since coming out of her Amish lifestyle.

9. She Sings to Relax

We have no idea if she’s a good singer, but she swears by singing. She says it helps her relax, it helps to relax her muscles, and it helps to make sure her modeling shoots are going well. She uses this method to also put her in a good mood prior to any shoot she’s working on.

10. She’s Building Her Own Community

Nothing in her life has been too easy. Her parents took her out of school when she was only 15, and then she moved out and tried college. It’s been difficult and a challenge, but she’s been working hard to build herself a support system inside her own community. New friends, new people, new things that are important to her; they all mean something to her, and they all have a way of making her feel better about herself.

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