7 Things You Didn’t Know about Karla Ann Charlton

Karla Ann charlton

Karla Ann Charlton is a British Colombian native who spends a great deal of her time doing what she loves most — being out in nature. She’s probably most recognizable from the reality TV series Gold Rush. For the most part, she started appearing on the show in 2017.

According to Distractify, the nature enthusiast was recruited for her survival skills in the wilderness and to keep the crew safe. Charlton is known to be tough but is also described as someone who’s a lot of fun to have around. While fans of the show may be filled in on who she is, here are a few things most people don’t know about Karla Ann Charlton.

1. Her Great-grandfather Was One Of The First Settlers

Karla Ann charlton 1

According to Discovery, Charlton’s great-grandfather was born in Sweden. However, he later headed off to Canada and settled in the Yukon in the late 80s/early 90s. His diary speaks of his travels with nothing to his name but a pair of shoes. Luckily, he made it to the Yukon territory, staked his claim, and struck gold. He eventually passed down his love of the Yukon to his family, including Karla Ann Charlton, who now spends a great deal of her life there.

2. She’s Also A Rock Truck Driver

Aside from helping the cast and crew maneuver through the Yukon wilderness, Charlton also drives a rock truck for one of the cast members. The cast often discusses the many benefits she’s brought to the show with her knowledge of wilderness living and survival skills. They equally claim that she is a critical part of the show and cast.

3. Karla Ann Charlton Once Had To Undress A Hunter

Karla Ann charlton 2

One of Charlton’s many duties is to take hunters on tours while they stalk their prey. During one of her tours, she trekked through the Yukon for nine days. Her companion was a hunter, and they kept going till they found a ram. He shot the animal, and they headed for a river as they carried it.

The survivalist recalls that the waters were too high, but the hunter went for it anyways.  In the process, the water pulled him downstream. Fortunately, she found him, but he was in a bad state. In order to keep him warm, she had to undress him and put him in a sleeping bag. She describes the incident as embarrassing and uncomfortable, but she had no choice but to keep him from getting frostbite.

4. She’s Moved On To New Adventures

Most updates on Gold Rush and Charlton are on all her social media pages. She’s quite keen on updating her fans on her latest adventures. Her newest adventure happens to be in Papua New Guinea. Recent posts talk of her joining her co-stars — mining Boss Rick Ness, and Parker Schnabel in Papua New Guinea.

 5. It Was Rumored Karla Ann Charlton Dated A Co-star

Karla Ann charlton 3

Rick Ness is Charlton’s mining boss on Gold Rush, and the two are often photographed together having fun. In some cases, they possibly look a little too close for comfort. Based on that, there were a few speculations that the two were dating. However, Rick Ness has described Charlton as ‘the sister he never had,’ putting the rumor to bed.

6. She’s An Avid Cycler

If one thing’s true, it’s that Charlton is all about the outdoors and adventure. Whether it’s cutting a path through the Yukon, searching for gold, hunting, or riding a bike, she’s game. The adventurer often talks about her passions, one of which is bike riding. When she gets time away from the wildlife, biking is one of her favorite sports to do in her spare time.

7. Karla Ann Charlton Is A Snowboarder

Karla Ann charlton 3

Not only can Charlton take care of herself out in the wilderness, but she can also handle a ski slope with no problem. Charlton spends a great deal of her ‘off-time’ on the slopes, tearing it up on a snowboard. In a picture of herself on the slopes, she captioned the photo, “My freedom.” For Charlton, snowboarding is more than just a sport. She’s a member of the Canadian Ski Guide Association, too.

8. She Doesn’t Wear Makeup But Makes Her Own Lip Balm

It’s quite common to see women in tons of makeup these days, especially when they’re public figures. However, Charlton doesn’t wear any makeup at all because who really has time for that out in the wild. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t dab a little lip balm on for the sole purpose of protecting her lips. Even more, she makes her own lip balm.

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