Exclusive Interview: Eric McCormack on Perception and Will & Grace

Exclusive Interview: Eric McCormack on Perception and Will & Grace

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Eric McCormack made us laugh for eight seasons on the NBC comedy Will & Grace. He is now staring on the TNT drama Perception which will  be back for four more episodes of its sophomore season tonight. McCormack took a few minutes to talk with TV Overmind about the show and some highlights from his career including working with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

TV Overmind: Hi Eric. How are you doing today?

Eric McCormack: Good. How are you doing?

TVOM: I am well thank-you. When we last saw Perception, Kate was on trial for the murder of Sargent Rickford. I was hoping you could provide us with some details about what will be happening next.

McCormack: I really like the first episode. There is a kid in it who is autistic and has an obsession with trains. I like when there are characters, particularly if their names need to be cleared if they are being blamed for a crime Pierce believes they are wrongfully accused of. There is a connection between Pierce and this kid. Also, the reason the episode is called “Curveball” is [because] Pierce is going to hallucinate one of his favorite baseball players. I love when we bring up baseball. It gives Pierce an almost giddy joy that he doesn’t always get to show.

TVOM: That will be good to see.

McCormack: It was fun to play. He can be such a sourpuss. When something catches him off guard he can be full of joy.

TVOM: Will we be seeing any big name guest stars?

McCormack: Perrey Reeves (Entourage) is not actually in these next four episodes, but she is there as Pierce’s girlfriend, which he technically hasn’t had in awhile.

TVOM: We should be seeing her back sometime then?

McCormack: I think you just might.

TVOM: There are four episodes left of season 2. How long do we have to wait until season 3 episodes begin airing?

McCormack: June.

TVOM: Great! We don’t have to wait too long.

McCormack: This is kind of like an island in the middle between the shores. It’s an appetizer for season 3 and a dessert for season 2.

TVOM: It is great for all the fans. It gives us something to watch so we don’t have to wait as long.

McCormack: When TNT said ‘you have an order for 14.’ I thought great. They said,  ‘We’re only going to air 10. We are saving the other 4.’ It is really fun to have these little “don’t forget were here” episodes. It is a nice little winter solstice.

TVOM: You work with a great group of actors including Rachel Leigh Cook, Kelly Rowan, and Scott Wolf. What is it like working with so many talented people?

McCormack: I got spoiled for a long time by working with an amazing ensemble. I thought I would never have this again. I love going to work. I love Rachel. The two of us have a great connection. Kelly Rowan I have known forever. Now to add Scott Wolf to it. He’s a joy. If you are going to add someone to your show, Scott Wolf is the guy to do it.

TVOM: You played Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ fiancee in the final season of The New Adventures of Old Christine.  Unfortunately, the show ended without any real closure. What do you think would have happened had their been a sixth season?

McCormack: I think what actually happened was that my character became President and she became Vice President. So I think Veep is actually a continuation. That is why we have never met the president.

TVOM: That’s a great scenario.

McCormack: Seinfeld is the reason I came out to LA. I thought, ‘I had to get a sitcom.’ So to work with her all those years later was awesome.

TVOM: She seems like she would be a great person to work with. 

McCormack: She’s a great person to work with. She’s so smart. I am really happy for her on Veep. It is such a good fit.

TVOM: It would be odd if I didn’t ask any questions about Will & Grace. What is your favorite episode?

McCormack: I have a bunch. There was an hour long episode, which is the one I got the Emmy for. [It] was the flashback episode where I come out to Grace. There is one called “The Kid Stays Out of the Picture” in which Debra [Messing] and I have a big argument that was very shocking for the time. It was not really a funny scene. It was a completely dramatic scene that threw the audience. It was my favorite moment with Deb on the show.

TVOM: I think one of my favorite episodes is “Das Boob” with the water bra.

Yes, the water bra (laughs). There was one on the other day. [Grace] was doing something daffy in a restaurant and I said to the maitre d’, ‘Will you please get rid of that red head. Listen to me I sound like Ricky Ricardo.’ “Das Boob” was the episode where we are doing Lucy. This is what we are. It was one of those great Lucy kind of moments.

TVOM: If Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack were on The Walking Dead, which one would be killed of first?

McCormack: (laughs) I do not think Karen Walker would last very long because she couldn’t run fast and she is probably the most delicious. She’s going to get eaten.

TVOM: One final question before I let you go, what is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

McCormack: A fan once asked me when my son was crying in my arms, ‘How does Debra Messing get her hair like that?’ I said ‘I have a crying baby in my arms. Are you kidding me?’

Perception airs Tuesdays at 10 PM Eastern/ 9 PM Central on TNT

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