10 Things You Didn’t Know about Karen Larrea

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Karen Larrea

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Karen Larrea

Reality television knows no bounds. There is a show for everyone, and HBO Max is not to be left out of the loop. They may not be the OG when it comes to reality shows (hello MTV), but they do know a thing or two about keeping their fans entertained. Their infamous reality dating show, “My Mom, Your Dad,” is one for the books. The entire premise is simple. Adult children want to see their single parents happy and in love, so they sign them up for the show. The parents all move into the same house and do the living together, getting to know one another, dating thing. The catch is that their kids are also all living together in a house not too far away, and they are watching their parent’s every single move. The kids get to make things happen from behind the scenes by the use of manipulation and such. It’s…interesting. And, people love it. Now, the world wants to know more about Karen Larrea. She’s a single mom looking for love, and her fans want to know if she found it.

1. She Connected Immediately

This lovely mother found a match right away. The first night in the new house, she connected with a man by the name of Troy Petrick, and they cooked together. Their conversation was good, their chemistry was better, and they made it very clear they were into one another from the start.

2. She Has Tunnel Vision

Both she and Troy have children who know their parents well, and they both decided that their parents have tunnel vision and needed a little motivation to get to know other people. They manipulated situations so that their parents had to go on dates with others, but this couple always found their way back to one another.

3. She had to Leave Early

Karen did not get to stick around the show the entire time it was being filmed. Personal reasons caused her to have to go back home and handle business, and her boyfriend on the show realized that without her there, he didn’t want to be there. He also left the show and went back home. His hope was that he and Karen could also connect in their real lives.

4. She’s a Native New Yorker

Karen was born in New York. She didn’t live in Manhattan her entire life, however. She moved around regularly. She moved to South America, and she’s currently based in Miami. She was only 15 when she began her life as a singer in a girl group, and that is a large part of the reason she moved around and did so much at such a young age.

5. She’s a Model

When her band, Carrousel, broke up, she went on to record her own music. She also worked as a model for major brands across the world. She was a spokesmodel for a major brand called Coca Cola (perhaps you’ve heard of it?) s well as the FIFA World Cup, which is only one of the biggest things in soccer. She worked hard.

6. She’s Divorced

Sadly, when she got married, it was not forever. She and her husband raised two beautiful children, but their own marriage did not make it past 2013. It ended in divorce, and she focused on her kids. It was also the time she went back to work. She’s in the music business, which is one she knows all too well. She works as a music manager, and she loves it.

7. She Wants to Inspire Women

Specifically, she would like to work to inspire women over the age of 40 who might be lost after losing love and the life that thought they’d built for themselves. She wants women to know that they can still find love, they can go back to work if they left to raise their kids, and they can still make their lives meaningful and exciting despite what they are going through.

8. She is a Proud Mother

One thing that Karen makes quite clear is that she is very happy with her kids. She is a proud mother who works hard to support her family, to love them, and to make sure her son and daughter know that they are the most important part of her life.

9. Rumor Has it She’s Still Seeing her Television Boyfriend

There is no proof we can find, but rumors are running relentlessly across the internet that she and her Georgia-based television boyfriend might still be together. They follow one another on social media, and they like one another posts. It seems that no one is arguing that they are not together. She’s also posted some photos of herself in Georgia recently, and that might mean one thing.

10. She’s Confident

She’s a woman with confidence, and it shows. She’s working hard, she’s taking life seriously – but not too seriously – and she seems very aware of what she has to offer. Things are going well for her, and she’s happy about that.

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