10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Kaitlyn Dever

10 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know about Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn Dever seems like one of those individuals that was simply meant to get into film and TV. The camera loves her, as does the audience, and there’s nothing to say otherwise since she’s been a welcome addition to our TV sets throughout the years. It’s hard to believe she’s been around so long but in truth she’s been continually busy on set and off since she’s been going to school and acting for long enough to be considered as close to a seasoned actor as possible. Plus she’s had the chance to learn from some of the best and brightest that the industry has to offer, so she’s managed to get a leg up on a lot of people when it comes to acting. Just think about it, she started out her career in a Barbie commercial and eventually she moved on towards acting in shows and movies. She had Tim Allen, one of the funniest comedians to ever set foot on a show, as her mentor, and she’s also had the likes of Brie Larson and Chloe Moretz to rely on, so she’s had a rather helpful support group that’s been there for her through thick and thin.

Nothing about it has likely been easy, as acting is just like any other craft or job in that you have to work at it to make it work for you. But seeing as how she’s had so many people invested in her future, including her family, Kaitlyn has a strong base from which to operate and as a result she now has a very solid career. That’s great since she plays to the camera in a way that people absolutely love and seems entirely genuine in what she does.

Hands up though if you think Eve Baxter is one of her all-time best roles.

10. She held the role of Eve from Last Man Standing.

The third and youngest Baxter daughter is the son that Mike always wanted. Yes that makes no sense but for any man that has only daughters you can surely sympathize since a lone male in a house filled with females can be kind of daunting. They might all be daddy’s girls at one point but there will almost always be one among them that will aspire to be like their father and will make him just a wee bit prouder for it. Eve is that rough and tough girl you might have met in school that won’t cry in exclamation if you get hurt, but tell you to rub some dirt on it and walk it off.

9. Kaitlyn feels it more necessary to prepare for comedy than for drama.

Drama seems to come naturally to Kaitlyn while comedy is something she has to work for. But as it was mentioned in the beginning of the article she had Tim Allen as a mentor, so the comedy aspect was something that likely came naturally after a while.

8. She’s a firm advocate against bullying.

Like many people Kaitlyn doesn’t stand for bullying and is glad to talk to people about it. While the act of bullying is something that people do have to deal with on occasion it’s not something that needs to be accepted. She knows what it’s like to see people being bullied and is a firm believer in standing one’s ground when such a thing happens.


7. Her style of acting is very versatile.

She can switch back and forth between comedy and drama fairly easily and it’s something she actually enjoys. Having to change gears like this is, for some people, a rather difficult thing to do. But Kaitlyn actually seems to thrive on it.

6. Her interest in the performing arts started when she was 5.

Her parents have always been very supportive and were quick to find a way for her to express the desire to act. They sent her to acting school early on so that she could develop her talents and obviously she’s never lost the desire.

5. She got her start in 2009.

She’s been in the game for almost a decade already. That’s hard to imagine but when you see her onscreen it’s pretty easy to note that she’s been through enough to understand just how to react to her fellow stars and how to stay in character.

4. Her resume is more extensive than you might think.

Kaitlyn’s been busy since her rise into the ranks and she hasn’t let a lot of time go by between projects. Between her music, school, and acting she’s been staying plenty buy and has managed to keep it all in line.

3. She did a bunch of commercials before getting into film and TV.

Her first ever commercial was a Barbie commercial, but she had several others lined up as well before moving to Los Angeles. The only things you’ll see her on now though are TV shows and movies, and hopefully we’ll see her again as Eve since Last Man Standing is supposed to be coming back.

2. She’s into the music scene as well.

It’s not her strong suit as opposed to acting but it’s something she’s passionate about and has been into for a while so it seems like it might be worth it to keep the talent around. After all it’s nice to have something else to do at times.

1. Her father did the voice of Barney the dinosaur for seven years.

It’s amazing that she was never featured on one of the episodes but then it could have been that she didn’t want to join in, or it could be that she went without being noticed. Or maybe it would have been awkward if she knew that her dad was playing the character.

Who knows?

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