Kaia Gerber Has a Higher Instagram Engagement than Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

Perhaps you already know who some of the most followed fashion models on Instagram are, such as Kendall Jenner, who has almost 88 million followers, Cara Delevigne, who has a little over 40 million followers, and Gigi Hadid, who has almost 39 million followers. These young ladies dominate the social media app and are easily recognized. However, while how many followers each has is important, social media popularity is measured in other ways as well. One in particular is referred to as engagement.

Engagement is how much the followers are engaging in a specific person’s content, in this case, supermodels, and it is one of the most important calculations of media popularity. What this means specifically is how likely a follower is to engage in the following behaviors: liking a model’s content, watching a video until its end, going to the model’s profile, sharing content, commenting/replying to another’s comment, and other such actions. Engagement is a detailed account of how invested followers are in a specific person’s account.

Sixteen year old Kaia Gerber’s engagement has surpassed both Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Of course, she does come from celebrity royalty. She is the daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford. Gerber, although being relatively new, has a substantial amount of followers, but a lot less than either of Jenner or Hadid, at almost 3 million. This may seem like a drastically lower number than the other models, but she’s only sixteen and has only walked for two seasons, making her a lot less known than the others.

However, when it comes to engagement, Gerber has a much higher number, meaning even though she has a lower number of followers, her’s are more active on her account. Instagram recently released the names of the top ten accounts of the most engaged fashion models and, surprisingly, neither Jenner or Hadid made the list. Nonetheless, Gerber sits pretty at number six, with her brother, who is the only male on the list, sitting at a spot above her at number five.

The number one spot belongs to eighteen year old Ukranian model Julia Ratner, with a little over 39 million followers, who has walked for Valentino, Channel, Dior, and Prabal Gurung. Second place belongs to Nigerian model Mayowa Nicholas, followed by Paulina Frankowska, and fourth is held by Lea Julian. Jenner, Hadid, Delevingne, and Hadid are without a doubt some of the biggest names in the industry, ranking as Instagram’s most followed models, but their engagement fails short; Gerber out ranks them in terms of follower engagement.

Gerber was only thirteen when she first signed a modeling contract with IMG Models, being dubbed by worldwide fashion editors as the one to watch. Last season she made her runway debut and she is already dominating fashion weeks everywhere, walking for Prada, Alexander Wang, Burberry, and Saint Laurent, just to name a few. According to Instagram’s new data, she’s topping the other supermodels in terms of ranking on social media as well.

Because Gerber’s engagement is higher than either Jenner or Hadid, this means that she’s topping the scale that measures the number of followers who are liking, sharing, and commenting on her posts. Whenever she posts a video or photo, her followers immediately watch it/look it at, flooding the content with activity.

As mentioned before, the number five spot is currently held by her model brother Presley, who is also beating out the other supermodels in terms of engagement as well as being the only male model on the top ten engagement list. Both Presley and Kaia are definitely the next up and coming supermodels to watch.


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