10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julie Gonzalo

Julieta Susana Gonzalo, who uses the name Julie Gonzalo in her professional career, has come a long way. From an indecisive teenager who thought modeling was her calling to the successful actress Julie has become, she can never be more proud of herself. She is so confident of herself that she does not bother covering up a scar she got during her childhood with makeup. Let’s learn more about Julie through these ten facts.

1. Why she loves the Hallmark Channel

One cannot fail to notice that Julie has been cast in four Hallmark movies namely “Falling for Vermont,” “Flip That Romance,” “Pumpkin Pie Wars” and “The Sweetest Heart.” While it is not odd for an actor to star in films produced by one company, Julie has a particular reason for her preference of the Hallmark Channel. She feels that they empower women and being a character that helps narrate these empowering stories is fulfilling for the actress.

2. She would love to get more Hispanic roles

Some Hispanics would scramble for any English characters since it affords them better exposure in Hollywood. Julie would, however, prefer to work a lot more in the Spanish world. She is proud of her heritage, but she has not gotten lots of Latino roles. Julie would, therefore, like her next characters to connect to her Hispanic culture. She is not the only Latina woman proud of her roots. Eva Longoria could not wait to give her fellow Hispanic women a chance to showcase their talents through her series “Devious Maids.”

3. Her mother and grandmothers raised her

It is not uncommon to see many Latina families living together in one big house. While many Americans cannot wait to reach adulthood and leave the house, Hispanics place a great emphasis on family. They believe in turning to family for help before taking their issues to third parties. Julie’s childhood was therefore no different; she lived not just with her parents and brother, but also with her great-grandmother and grandmother. The memories of that big family are what she cherishes till now, having been born and raised in Buenos Aires where she spent her early years.

4. Her favorite food

Julie appreciates her culture so much, and one thing she loves is the food. Top of the list of her favorite traditional food is her mother’s empanadas. She loves simplicity in Latina food because it mostly involves meat and vegetables. Julie cannot get enough of facturas which unfortunately carry so many calories. She also enjoys a bite of alfajores so much that she went looking for them in Texas and could not find any. Luckily her mother lives in Miami and brings them to her whenever she visits.

5. She does not have security issues

They say insecurity is the side effect of giving too much love and receiving too little in return. Then again, someone said love should not be measured and dished out depending on how much you are getting. Unfortunately, many women have made fools of themselves trying to keep track of every move their men make. Julie is not the insecure type. Matter of fact is when asked by Latina about her similarities with Pamela in “Dallas”, Julie said her love life then was less extreme. Unlike Pamela, who would always worry about her husband, Julie said she would never bother about her husband cheating on her or not.

6. Her education

When Julie was nine, her family moved to Miami from Buenos Aires, and that meant making new friends and attending new schools. Julie confessed it was a tough experience, especially with the language barrier since she was used to speaking in Spanish and had to learn English. She first attended Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor Elementary School to get her elementary education. Julie then went to Highland Oaks Middle School before joining North Miami Junior High School.

7. When she began acting

Julie grew up loving to perform but did not take it seriously. She admitted to People en Español that the acting bug bit her in high school. Julie participated in many school plays but did not think of it as a career. Julie, however, saw it as an optional career path when she was about 19. By then, she was modeling but decided to give it up and pursue acting. She, therefore, moved from Milan, Italy to Los Angeles. Luckily it has paid off ever since she made her debut at 20 with a short film “The Penny Game.” Since then she has starred in numerous productions including “Veronica Mars,” “Eli Stone, among many more.

8. Her achievements

Most actors are multi-talented and usually, do not stray far from the entertainment industry. Julie is among the many actors who have paired up their acting careers with directing and producing films. She has shown her prowess in filmmaking through two short films: “Pink Eye” and “Silent Night.” With her ability to speak Spanish fluently she starred in “Ladrón Que Roba a Ladrón” which became the highest-grossing Spanish-Language film to be ever released in the United States. Her role in “Eli Stine” also won her an ALMA Award.

9. The best person she has worked with

Julie Gonzales has had the coveted opportunity to work with the most talented actors, but only one person stands out; Jamie Lee Curtis. She has worked with Jamie twice: on “Freaky Friday” as well as on “Christmas with the Kranks,” where she played Jamie’s daughter. The two shared a trailer and Jamie was so kind to Julie that she even gave Julie some acting tips. The experience was unforgettable, and Julie felt that Jamie was the best person she had ever worked with, despite being cast alongside other gifted people.

10. Her love life

Relationships can be messy, and perhaps that is why most people prefer to keep it out of the limelight. Julie is one celebrity who has managed to keep her dating life out of the public eye. It is hard to know whether she is single or not, but she has her dogs to give all her love to as revealed in her Twitter account.

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