Josh Gad Turns ‘Book Of Mormon’ Song Into Ode To Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

Josh Gad Turns ‘Book Of Mormon’ Song Into Ode To Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

If you don’t know who Josh Gad is now you really should.  While he’s been around Hollywood for a while now, he was the featured star in “Book of Mormon” and is the voice of Olaf in Frozen.  However, my affinity for Gad began way back in the beginning.   I’m talking back to the year 2008 when he caught his movie break by playing the part of Miles in the movie 21.   Right after 21, he was in the movie “The Rocker” which by the way I think was highly underrated.

Gad looked destined to be typecast into the role of “chubby geeky friend” but once he landed that starring role in Book of Mormon things have really taken off.    He’s literally got 5 movies in production right now and is as popular as any young star out there.  Speaking of which, familiar with the Kellyanne Conway “Bowling Green Massacre?”  According to Uproxx

After Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre” interview on Hardball went viral, Twitter user Jeremy Rodden wrote to Gad, “In lieu of yet another #AlternativeFact from Kellyanne Conway, I have begun singing this song. @joshgad, can you make this version happen?” The Beauty and the Beast star responded, “I’ll make you a deal. If this tweet generates 1000 likes by end of day, I will happily record a version of this.” Over 2,000 “likes” later, Gad delivered on his promise. It’s been a good week for famous people responding to current events, although a bad week for, y’know, everything else.

Here’s the incredible rendition from Gad:

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