Josh Gad is Hoping for a Frozen 3 But It’s Up in the Air

Josh Gad is Hoping for a Frozen 3 But It’s Up in the Air

It’s fairly safe to say that there won’t be a Frozen 3 coming our way any time soon, if only because letting the story develop could take some time and rushing it wouldn’t be the best idea in the world. After all it took a while to come up with Frozen 2 as Ryan Scott from MovieWeb mentioned so it’s not too likely that a third movie is going to find any traction right off the bat since the second movie feels like it ended on a pretty good note. Unless there’s some other threat that affects the Elsa and Anna in a big way or has to do with Arendelle it’s bound to happen that a story will need time to develop and to be agreed upon by all parties that have a say in its creation. Josh Gad is already on board to bring back his character but even he isn’t too hopeful that it will happen any time soon since it’s evident that Disney isn’t rushing headlong into the creation of another movie. Thinking that it’s all over and done with might be a bit premature though since like anything that’s been created today it doesn’t matter if the connection to another story is paper-thin or completely solid, every studio that sees an opportunity to cash in on an idea is going to use it until that idea dries up and becomes largely irrelevant.

There are reasons to let Frozen be and there are plenty of reasons to bring it back eventually, but it’s hard to find many people that are going to push for the former instead of the latter. Too many people have kids that enjoy the story or happen to enjoy the story themselves to just let it be forgotten. From a story standpoint however it would appear that everyone is where they need to be and things have gone well enough that Arendelle and the Northuldra are at peace again and the nature spirits are stilled and appeased. Elsa has found where she belongs, and Kristoff and Anna have finally tied the knot and Anna has taken over in Arendelle. Unless Disney has some ace up their sleeve as to what kind of threat would possibly work to bring the story back, it might actually be better to let this one rest and move on to another project. The characters won’t go anywhere since like so many of Disney’s popular characters they’re bound to be remembered and brought back in short stories now and again to appease the kids and usher in a new generation of Disney fans. But letting a story conclude with the hint that things are now as they should be might finally be a way to simply let things be and give people the happy ending that they want so badly. If not then it becomes a reflection of the world as it is, where things are rarely perfect and times of great peace are often set upon by times of great struggle. Josh Terry of Deseret News has more to say on the matter. This isn’t an alien concept to Disney movies obviously, but there comes a point in every story when it’s best to admit that it’s reached a pleasing terminus where it can be left alone for a while, if not for good.

That’s not the theme these days however. These days it’s considered wise to reboot, remake, and offer up a sequel to an idea until that idea is run firmly into the ground to the point that it’s bound to take a few years if not a few decades to bring it back. There are exceptions of course and it’s very likely that Frozen could come back within the next decade or sooner if a story is developed that makes sense and that Disney can get on board with. But it likely won’t be in the next few years if only because there’s simply too much to think about concerning the characters and where the story would go. And of course there’s the idea of whether or not Disney will cave to Elsa having a female companion or not, as a lot of people are still willing to call for this while others are wondering why it’s being pushed so fervently when a lot of the content that’s been ‘revealed’ concerning Elsa’s sexuality is more or less bound up in perception and the differing viewpoints that people have concerning the movie. This one idea of Elsa being a symbol for the LGBTQ+ community has been a big deal now for a while, though it’s a wonder if it will be that way in the years to come since if the distance between Frozen and Frozen 2 was any indication, it could be quite some time until we see or even hear about production moving ahead on Frozen 3, if it happens.

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