John Wick Fan-Made Short is Definitely Worth a Gander

Sometimes fan-made movies are the best since they’re amusing to the point of being able to make a person laugh or even just create a bit of interest since they travel in a direction that many people aren’t thinking about. Plus, I’d gladly challenge a lot of people to remember the moment in John Wick 3 when he spoke his real name and also spoke of being an orphan. The movie itself was so action-packed that a lot of folks would have to go back and try to find the moment when this happened, as many likely have already since there is a great deal that can be missed without even trying since the story of John Wick is a bit complicated. But in this fan movie it’s funny to see how they tie in a few aspects of Keanu’s characters and go backwards to create the origins of the legend that he’s become when it comes to Hollywood. In his earliest days it might have been hard to see that he would one day become this revered as an actor, especially considering that despite being a very smart individual the character of Ted from Bill and Ted kind of set him up to be typecast at one point. But eventually his greatness did come out and with movies such as The Matrix, John Wick, and many others, Keanu has become a living legend that many people revere in a big way.

Keanu Reeves’ career has gone sky high in the last couple of decades and much of it has to do with the patience he’s shown in his career since there was a point and time when a lot of people didn’t consider him to be worth much more than a surfer dude role as he was given in Point Break. But thankfully he’s managed to show a lot of people just what he’s worth throughout the years and things have really culminated when it’s come to John Wick. Now that he’s coming back as Ted in Bill and Ted Face the Music and is showing up again as Neo in The Matrix 4 people are getting an even bigger chance to see him continue the projects that have firmly established his greatness and will help to maintain his status as one of the most loved actors in Hollywood. The idea that he might not get rewarded for such roles outside of a few minor awards and a paycheck is actually uplifting since it puts Keanu in a position to be one of the most revered people in show business largely because it doesn’t make him look like a glory hound or someone that’s bound to get up and make an impassioned speech that will last longer than it takes to say ‘thank you’. Believe it or not he’s been nominated for several Razzie awards but has never won the ‘prestigious’ Oscar that so many actors vie for each and every year. This is a good thing really, and I’ll explain why.

It is a personal opinion obviously, but here goes anyway. Those that win the Oscars are, quite often, talented and very impressive actors that have done something extraordinary, even if it’s not the performance that finally convinced the academy that they’re worth the award. Unfortunately too many awards are given out that feel as though they weren’t earned or in any way justified for those that received them. In other words the Academy Awards have become more of a farce to show the bias of the judges rather than the merits of those that have impressed the people that end up making sure that actors and movies are still popular, the fans. Scott Feinberg of The Hollywood Reporter has more to offer on this. To be certain, if the fans were in charge of the most prestigious awards shows things would be a bit chaotic, but in many ways they would be far different also since more often than not the fan favorites might be seen walking up to the podium not as presenters, but as award-winners for their massive contributions to show business. It’s easy to see that Keanu might have been nominated several times at this point at the very least, and might have won at least one Oscar had the fans been in charge.

But it’s great to see that he hasn’t won one since his humble and very patient attitude could possibly change, though many would argue that it would be highly unlikely to do so. Over the years he’s become an individual that many look up to, feel inspired by, and have easily seen as one of the coolest and most kind actors in Hollywood. That’s a big reason why this fan movie is so great, as it gives him an origin story based on his John Wick character that’s nothing short of touching and even legendary in its own way.

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