John Oliver Discusses How Sinclair Broadcast Group “Brainwashes” Local News

We all know John Oliver likes to go after various things that just don’t make sense, and at this point the Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of those things. Their strange attempt to brainwash local news channels seems about as on the up and up as a lot of the current dealings in the White House that have happened since Trump took office. In other words the attempt to get people on board with thinking what they want them to think is becoming something of a problem. There’s no doubt that there are news channels that will attempt to push forth their own view and spin on various situations and occurrences, but forcing every news channel to make the same statement seems a little suspect.

Plus, doing this in defense of the POTUS seems even more suspect as the news is supposed to be as impartial and objective as possible, though any time the president or anything he says or does is mentioned the wagons start to circle and the ammunition is checked to make certain that they’re loaded for bear. Criticizing the president and those in the White House seems to be where the objectivity ends when it comes to how the news is reported and received. At that point the dirt track that leads onward is capable of being used as the same kind of mud that’s slung during ever election year in order to make every person that’s targeted look worse than the next individual. The only problem there is that the POTUS usually has the biggest shovel and the most resources behind him to pile it on. The news channels that are aligned with Sinclair have to walk that line or run the risk of offending their viewers and the president it would seem, as his cries of ‘fake news’ seem to be reaching a lot of ears these days.

The problem there is that anything the president doesn’t seem to like gets lumped in with the ‘fake news’ while anything he approves of becomes need-to-know and something that the American people should take as gospel. It’s been this way since he stepped into office and will likely be that way until he finally steps out. The cry of fake news and the acceptance of what could only amount to trying to brainwash the local news channels and the public is what seems to be popular in the White House since it uphold the status quo and allows those in power to remain in power. If the people don’t wake up now and see past the smoke screens that are being set firmly into place then nothing will change. The reality though is that Sinclair is just a part of it. They march to the beat they’re being told and as a result so do the news stations that are a part of their group. Change doesn’t seem as likely in that direction, so it needs to come from those that are watching the news and have the ability to make up their own minds about what is real and what isn’t.

Don’t believe everything you hear.

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