Joey Tribbiani’s Most Serious Relationships On “Friends”

Joey Tribbiani’s Most Serious Relationships On “Friends”

Joey Tribbiani’s Most Serious Relationships On “Friends”

As one of the lead characters on Friends, Joey Tribbiani ( Matt LeBlanc) was synonymous with a number of traits, amongst them his womanizing ways. Joey’s sense of style, coupled with his stardom and killer line ‘How you doin’ placed him right at the top of the dating pool, except he wasn’t really the type to date. Joey liked his encounters short and sweet, sending the women packing as fast as they came. Once in a while, a girl would show up that’d sweep him off his feet. These are the ones who managed to stay a little too long:

1. Joey Fell In Love With Phoebe’s Sister, Ursula

While Joey and Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) were the best of friends, Phoebe’s sister Ursula grabbed his attention in a special way. Prior to ‘doing anything Joey-like’, Chandler ( Matthew Perry) suggested that Joey run his plans by Phoebe first. Like the good friend he was, Joey asked for Phoebe’s permission to date Ursula. Phoebe hesitantly gave him her blessing. Joey, who was notorious for not spending money on anyone before, went as far as buying Ursula a present.”I like her. She’s different. Something about her…” Though Phoebe was okay with Joey seeing Ursula at first, she changed her mind. Phoebe was mad at Ursula for always breaking her stuff and ‘stealing’ the people she loved. It turned out that Ursula wasn’t so head-over-heels in love with Joey. In fact, the short-lived relationship only lasted a while before she checked out. Phoebe had to step in and pretend to be her sister to give Joey some form of closure.

2. Kathy Was Attracted To Chandler

Chandler was first to spot Kathy (Paget Brewster) at the coffee shop. He nervously approached her, only to find out that she was waiting for a date. Chandler was taken aback when he found out that Kathy’s date was actually his roommate, Joey. Joey and Kathy had met at an acting class. Joey picked three scenes for them to do, and in classic Joey fashion, all those scenes involved them making out. Although Kathy dated Joey, she found out that she had more in common with Chandler. Joey couldn’t even pick the best present for her birthday, unlike Chandler. Kathy caused a rift between the two friends, but in the end, Joey played match-maker and allowed Chandler and Kathy to date.

3. Joey’s Roommate Janine Had A Feud With Monica

Joey couldn’t believe how lucky he was when he learned that Janine ( Elle Macpherson) would be his new roommate. Like a child in a candy store, he rushed to deliver the news to Chandler, Monica (Courteney Cox), and Ross (David Schwimmer). Janine had just moved in from Australia. Joey’s interview with Janine was simple: “When can you move in?” he asked. As excited as he was, Janine wasn’t too keen on exploring the ‘Joey-like’ side of things, and Joey was trying to be appropriate despite all the out-of-normal ways their lives integrated. When he wasn’t catching her in a suggestive pose, Joey was afraid to use the bathroom because Janine’s delicates were in there. He thought she was sending a message, but unfortunately, the attraction was one-sided. Later, Janine would begin dating Joey, and start a feud with Monica, forcing Joey to choose his friends.

4. Katie Couldn’t Stop Hitting Joey

Joey’s girlfriend Katie (Soleil Moon Frye) had the habit of making him a punching bag. Masked in her tiny frame was a strong hand that unluckily for Joey, was awfully painful. With every punch, he struggled to hide the pain. “ I like her a lot, and she’s really nice, but she keeps punching me…It’s a lot harder than it looks.” Joey told his friends. Monica thought Katie was cute. She made fun of Joey by saying he needed a bodyguard, and Ross’s son who was in pre-school at the time would have been the perfect fit. Joey finally found the courage to tell Katie that she was hurting him, but she brushed it off and hit him even harder. Katie thought Joey was making fun of her size. Things got so bad, Joey had to wear multiple layers of sweaters to protect himself. He’d finally decided to break up with Katie, and he needed all the ammunition he could get. Nature somehow favored Joey when Katie came around and playfully punched Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), who punched her back and finally kicked her. Joey refused to defend his girlfriend and got dumped instead.

5. Charlie Was Way Too Smart For Joey

Just like the situation with Kathy, Joey fell in love with Charlie ( Aisha Tyler), who, this time, had more in common with Ross. Charlie first came into the picture as one of two professors who were joining Ross’s department. Though she hit it off with Ross as friends right away, Joey managed to steal a kiss, much to Ross and Rachel’s disappointment. No one seemed to get what a Joey-Charlie marriage would look like. “ Wow! Joey and a professor. Can you imagine if they had kids and if the kids got her intelligence and Joey’s raw sexual magnetism? Those nerds would get laaaid…” Phoebe remarked. Joey was so far from the type of men Charlie would go for, and when their lack of common things to do together started to show itself, she found herself leaning more on Ross. Ross and Charlie couldn’t contain themselves anymore. They finally shared a passionate kiss, marking the beginning of their relationship.

6. Joey And Rachel Couldn’t Work Out

Joey’s crush on Rachel began when she became his roommate. Though he tried to pass it off as yet another crush that would simply go away, he couldn’t help but fall in love with each day that passed. When he finally got the courage to tell Rachel how he felt, Joey learned that they weren’t on the same page. After some time, the tables had turned. By the time Joey was going out with Charlie, Rachel was the one who had a crush on him. It goes without saying that she was angry. She mustered the strength to tell Joey how she felt, only for him to reject her. Joey’s relationship with Charlie had died a natural death and he was fighting the urge to kiss Rachel because it would be unfair to Ross. Joey finally caved in when he saw that Ross hadn’t thought the same way with Charlie. He went for the kill, but he and Rachel could only be together for so long. Despite having strong chemistry, the physical just didn’t match the emotion.

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