10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jodie Comer

Jodie Comer definitely has one of those faces that makes you swear you’ve seen her somewhere before and if you’ve been keeping up with her career or just gotten lucky then you might have seen her a time or two. So far she’s been around for a while and has been keeping a very decent profile as she’s moved from one project to the next doing her best to stay in the public eye and make herself known. TV has been her main venue but she has managed to break into movies as well and is making headway it would seem by starring with some very famous names. Whether or not she’s going to keep going forward with movies is hard to say right now since TV seems to be her niche and as you might have already guessed of a lot of stars some of them tend to stick with what they’re comfortable doing a lot of the time.

Here are a few things you might not have known about Jodie.

10. Jodie is a big fan of Bruce Springsteen.

There are still a lot of fans that enjoy listening The Boss belt out a track now and again and until the day he passes it would seem that he’s going to be one of the most listened to artists in the world. That he has fans all across the world isn’t too hard to imagine.

9. Her first audition was for a radio play.

Everyone’s got to start somewhere but it does seem that radio plays don’t often get as much attention as they might have decades ago when they were still extremely popular. But quite honestly if you take the time to listen to one you might find that they’re a little more enjoyable than you think.

8. Like a lot of actors she believes in telling the truth while you’re acting.

This might sound kind of odd since acting is doing anything but being truthful since one is pretending to be someone else while they’re in character. But the idea is to be as truthful with your emotions and your character as possible, otherwise fans do tend to notice when someone is just phoning it in and a lot of us tend to hate that.

7. She believes being a little scared during each job is important.

Being terrified to do your job is a completely different thing than being slightly scared that you might mess up. Fear is a decent thing when it’s held in check and made manageable since it can help you to focus and clarify what’s really needed in the moment and not focus on anything else that doesn’t really matter.

6. Jodie definitely likes making people laugh.

This is a great quality in many people since it suggests that they have a good heart and are full of passion about what they do and compassion for their fellow human beings. Plus it’s a great quality in an actor since a lot of people love to laugh and enjoy people that can make them smile or really bust up because they’re just that funny.

5. She admits to being kind a drama queen when she was younger.

She was one of those kids that took the center stage and had to have the attention but always made sure that she was doing something that deserved it such as acting or just hamming it up for friend and family when she was in the mood. There’s nothing wrong with being a drama queen so long as one doesn’t take it to serious extremes.

4. Like some folks she counsels that rejection is just a part of the profession.

If you’re in any type of profession that relies heavily on people critiquing and approving your material or making a decision on whether or not you’re the right person for the job then rejection will become a constant companion at some point, usually in the beginning for many. It’s not fun but it’s something that almost every artist in any field has to deal with in some way.

3. Her presence on social media is definitely noticeable.

Jodie does have quite a few followers and it does appear that she has a good time with her life from the photos she shares on her Instagram account. She seems like someone that enjoys herself quite often and is very open about who she is.

2. She’s got a movie coming up with Ryan Reynolds.

According to Louise McCreesh from Digital Spy the two of them are going to be starring in an action comedy titled Free Guy and so far it sounds like it might be hilarious since it has to do with a gaming program that is trying hard not to be deleted by its creators.

1. Jodie had to pull out of a project recently due to scheduling conflicts.

This seems to happen from time to time and in some cases it seems regrettable since the stars selected for certain projects seem to be perfect for the roles they’re cast in.

If you don’t know anything about her go look her up, she’s done quite a bit you might recognize.

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