10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jevon King

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jevon King

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jevon King

Most recently, Jevon King’s name has been doing rounds on the internet after Diplo (an American DJ, songwriter and producer) wished her a happy mother’s day and applauded her for giving him a beautiful baby boy. Alongside a picture of him and his mother, his ex-Katheryn Lockhart and their two sons Lazer and Lockett, Diplo also posted that of Jevon holding her bundle of joy. He wished the three women a happy mother’s day and thanked them for being part of his life. The post has left many fans curious to know more about Diplo’s baby mama, Jevon. Below are 10 things you probably did not know about her.

1. Jevon’s Family

Not much is known about Jevon’s parents including their names or occupations. However, Jevon briefly described her family during an interview in Miss Universe 2015. She fondly talked about her mother, revealing that they are very close to each other and can talk about anything. Jevon is also close her sister who is two years younger than her. “We are kind of like best friends. We play a lot. We laugh a lot,” she said. The two have a younger brother who was 17years at the time. Jevon was also very much fond of her grandfather whom she lost to cancer in 2015. “Words cannot express the hurt I feel right now. I’ve lost someone very very special to me. I’m happy though that you are not in pain anymore. RIP Grandpa,” she wrote on her Instagram page.

2. Her Age

According to Wikipedia, Jevon was born on 4th October 1989. She is therefore 30 years old presently. Her star sign is a Libra which is usually asscociated with being diplomatic, fair, idealistic, social, clever, romantic, platonic and professional.

3. She is a Model and Beauty Pageant Queen

In 2014, Jevon got the opportunity to represent her country, Trinidad and Tobago, at the Miss Universe pageant. Though she did not win the coveted Miss Universe World Title, this is a great step for any beauty queen. Jevon has also been featured on the covers of magazines such as Metro Magazine.

4. She is Incredibly Patriotic and Loves her Home Country

The beauty queen loves her country and adores the ways of her people. During her interview at Miss world, Jevon talked about her country’s different cultures, ethnicities and how they celebrate each holiday. From her tone and expressions, you could easily tell how proud she is of her country.

5. She was the Deputy COO in Miss World 2018

Even though she did not place in the Miss Universe title, Jevon’s passion for beauty pageants did not wane. According to Newsweek, she was the deputy COO of the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago pageant in 2018.

6. She is a Senior Human Resource Manager and Certified Mediator

Jevon is not only a beauty, but she also got brains. According to her Instagram profile, she is a senior resource administrator and also a certified mediator. Though her education level is not yet known, but to serve in such positions, she must have attended college and pursued relevant courses.

7. Jevon became a Mom in March

In October 2019, Jevon took to Instagram to express her joy about being pregnant with her first child. However, she did not mention who the father was, instead she took fans through her journey as a first time mom. In March 20, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy whom she named Pace and on mother’s day shared his adorable pictures with fans. There had always been speculations about Diplo being her baby daddy but she did not accept or deny the claims. It was not until Diplo owned up to it on mother’s day that it was confirmed.

8. Her Son has Not yet Met Diplo

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trinidad and Tobago closed its borders. For this reason, Diplo is not yet able to visit his son. Seems like he may have to wait a while longer if the current situation persists. According to the US embassy located in Trinidad and Tobago, the borders will remain closed until May 15. Diplo expressed his sadness over being separated from his children as he was also social distancing from his other sons. In the past few weeks, he has met quite a number of people and even though he has not tested positive for COVID-19 he fears being asymptomatic. Until he is cleared off the virus, he will be staying away from them — just to be safe. Though Diplo is hurt by this, he says it is the right thing to do given the situation.

9. Jevon Does Charity

Most beauty queens do charity work as one of the ways to give back to the community. Besides, it one of the measures used to determine who deserves the crown as a beauty queen should be an all-rounded individual with a heart for the people. Jevon is no exception and she often does charity work. She mostly supports children organizations and sometimes shares pictures of her having fun with kids.

10. Social Media Pages

Jevon uses her social media pages to share both her professional and personal life with fans. She has pages on Facebook and Instagram. Jevon is especially fond of Instagram where she goes by the name Jevon.i.king and has over 12k followers.


To Jevon, her son is a dream come true. Sometime back she opened up about being a bit anxious to turn 30 and had started second-guessing her success. Her mother had then assured her that things would fall in place at the right time. When she got pregnant, she felt that indeed things had finally fallen into place. “Something about feeling you growing inside me makes me feel so complete. I love you so much already. I can’t wait to hold you, smell you, and be loved by you unconditionally,” she wrote. Though the lockdown has kept them both away from Diplo, her son seems to provide the much-needed peace and sanity during these times. Hopefully, the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be over and Diplo gets to meet his adorable baby boy.

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