A Family Guy Movie May Very Well Be on the Horizon

A Family Guy Movie May Very Well Be on the Horizon

A Family Guy Movie May Very Well Be on the Horizon

Improbable as it might seem it sounds as though Seth MacFarlane is still thinking about making a Family Guy movie and while it might be kind of interesting and funny, I’ll have to agree with Mike Sprague from MovieWeb that the time may have passed him by already. Apparently Seth was thinking of this movie a little over a decade ago and just never got to it, which is understandable. Family Guy has, after all, been one of the top animated shows for quite a few years and has likely kept him pretty busy. That being said it’s also something that he’s had on the back burner for a while apparently and just hasn’t done anything with. But then again he had other matters to attend to as he tried his hand at live-action movies like A Million Ways to Die in the West, and then his time spent on The Orville, so it’s not like he’s been idle.

But this seems as though it might not be quite the right time for the movie to start becoming a reality, if only because the current generation might not receive it quite as well. Does anyone recall that Family Guy used to be all we talked about while at work now and again? Those of us that watched the show would rehash just what had gone down on the latest episode or would talk about our favorite episodes while trying to mimic the voices of the characters. It was good fun and it was enjoyable for a while, but it was also easy to do since quite honestly the short episodes made it possible to retain more and recall our favorite moments. There’s nothing to say that a movie would do any less, but it also has to be said that with all of the content and the story lines that have been introduced over the years it seems as though there’s just enough room within a two-hour movie to get it all and keep the fans happy. When you think about trying to pack 18 seasons of hilarity into one movie it seems a bit hard to imagine that such a thing would be possible or even feasible.

It does seem as though it might be asking a bit much of the show and the creator to really pare all this down in to one, well-defined movie since there are so many different directions to consider and so much material that has been presented. There are likely a few things that people would love to see, like an epic Peter vs. Giant Chicken fight for starters, and of course Stewie and his plans to take over the world would need to be addressed at some point. But would it still be allowable for Meg to be treated so poorly, and would Chris’ antics even be allowed or appreciated by today’s crowd? Those are questions that kind of need to be addressed since the social landscape of today is a bit different from when Family Guy first made its appearance. Believe it or not the crude and crass behavior that the Griffin’s have displayed over the years is now considered to be anathema to some people since quite honestly even kiddie cartoons, well-removed from Family Guy status, are now known to trigger some folks. It’s kind of a sad question to have to pose an animated movie, but it’s still pertinent since some people seem to get offended so easily these days that putting a simple joke on the big screen could send them scurrying off to a safe space crying about how the joke triggered them in a way that they can’t handle.

Like it or not, Family Guy the movie might be well past its time. There’s no doubt that once he gets the chance MacFarlane is still going to attempt this, as he’s been meaning to do so for a long time now, but the reception could be kind of sketchy since a lot of people these days seem to become offended by the smallest of things. If you need an example take a look at some of the things that have been said about Toy Story 4. Thankfully more people enjoyed it than not, but the fact that it’s a kids’ movie and people seemed to get down on it for reasons that seem absolutely insane is indicative of just how far we’ve fallen as a society.  I do agree with Nick Evans from CinemaBlend and do think that Family Guy could be a funny movie, but releasing it anytime within the next few years still feels as though it could be a risky maneuver since the chance that someone is going to be ‘offended’ by the material is kind of high. But then again, when have we ever known Seth to really worry too much about that? It might offer comedy both on and off the big screen for all we know.

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