Jerry O’Connell Becomes the First Male Host of “The Talk”

Feel free to blink as it sets in, there is now a male co-host on The Talk, one of the more popular, women-led talk shows that people are aware of, and it’s none other than Jerry O’Connell. I won’t go into the hows and whys that describe how this happened, but I will say that perhaps Jerry will bring a different viewpoint and values that will make the show a little more interesting and perhaps give something extra that might not have been there without a male perspective. That’s the hope at least, since if Jerry starts off by kowtowing to everyone and simply agreeing with everything that’s being said then it won’t be much of a co-host position as it will be a yes-man role. A lot of people definitely don’t think that this will happen since O’Connell has been a fairly popular character on and off throughout the years and his past is filled with moments that involve various shows and movies that might have been frowned upon by now. All that can really be said is that he’s bound to bring something different to the show, and hopefully it will be positive.

The opening Rocky montage was a bit much since one has to think that coming to The Talk is bound to be a little bit of a challenge, but emulating Rocky Balboa is, well, it’s a little over the top in a very cringe-worthy way. O’Connell has been an interesting personality for much of his life, especially since a lot of people describe their first memory of him as ‘the fat kid from Stand By Me’. He’s come a long way since then obviously, and yet has seen his career rise and fall over the years as he’s taken on TV show appearances and the occasional movie appearances that have gained some attention. One has to wonder if any of those are bound to come to light during his time on The Talk, or if he’ll find a way to renounce some of the more ‘toxic’ moments that he’s acted out in the movies.

The movies Can’t Hardly Wait and Scary Movie V come to mind, but considering how long ago those movies were made, along with Tomcats, it feels likely that if they’re brought up in any way that they’ll be shrugged off with an explanation of some sort. The fact that he’s now a co-host of this show is still something that’s hard to take in after watching a few minutes of this and The View since too often there have been guests that have come on and disagreed or offered a differing opinion on the show, and the ladies have done their best to rip them apart with words. It’s fair to say that if anyone had thought that this problem might arise that they wouldn’t have brought him on to begin with, so it’s likely that those in charge have a good idea of what they’re doing. Now we just need to see a male co-host join The View and the tipping scales might balance out just a bit. Maybe, or maybe not. It’s hard to say since these talk shows tend to be more for entertainment value than anything.

Those who tend to believe that these shows have value outside of entertainment aren’t entirely wrong since the opinions of the hosts are bound to be something that a lot of fans will agree with and take as gospel, while others will find it possible to pick and choose what they believe is right and discard anything that sounds like personal opinion. Such talk shows are often seen and argued over by quite a few people, from those that take it seriously to those that are berated for thinking that some of the hosts are full of a lot of, well, you know. It’s bound to be interesting to see what will happen with a man on a show that was predominantly female up until now, and how well he’ll be accepted after a while. So far his acceptance has been a very positive thing and he’s taken to the show without any trouble at all. It could be that he might be a good match for this type of show, but we’ll see.

Talk shows are kind of amusing in a way since they do their best to be serious unless they end up being something that is meant to be over the top and goofy. But with The Talk and The View it does feel as though the hosts believe that they’re tackling very serious issues and that eventually, their words are going to change the world in one way or another. They might very well do that, but quite often their opinions are a form of amusement that a lot of people enjoy and either fully agree with or dispute entirely.

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