10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jeong Eun-ji

She’s been in the spotlight since 2011, and she only gets better with age. Jeong Eun-ji is the kind of woman who does what she loves, and she works hard to get better with each new project. She’s not just talented, either; she is multi-talented. She’s a songwriter and a singer. She’s an actress and a musician. She’s a voice actress and she is a DJ on the radio. She’s a little of everything, and her fans are continuously impressed with the many things she’s accomplished in her life, and it’s time to get to know her a little bit better.

1. She is Young

She was born and raised in the 90s. Her date of birth is August 18, 1993. Her childhood was among the last of the childhoods without social media, cell phones, and the internet, though it was a lot more prevalent as she grew into her own teenage years than it was for our own generation without those things present until we were in college or even after.

2. She is From South Korea

She’s from South Korea. She was born and raised in Haeundaae, Busan. She grew up there with her family, which does include her younger brother. Her entire childhood was spent in the area, and she graduated from high school here.

3. She Doesn’t Use Her Whole Name

She goes by the name of Eunji when she works, and it works for her. It’s her name, anyway, but she likes to do this for her stage work and her career. Not everyone is comfortable using their full name when they work, but everyone has their own reasons for wanting to do things differently.

4. She Had a Legal Name Change

unknown to us. Did her parents get a divorce and she changed her name? Did she have a single mother who raised her and remarried and it is her stepfather’s name? We don’t know.

5. She Never Trained Professionally

Her first role in the world of entertainment was to join a musical group called Apink. She was not formally trained as a singer, and she only ever trained with the group following the creation. She became the lead singer for the group in the fall of 2010.

6. She Dealt with Stalkers

In the summer of 2021, she would get online and find photos of herself and even of her dog that she did not post, and that was not taken outside her home. She was finding that some of her fans – or stalkers – were showing up at her home and snapping secret photos of her, and she was not thrilled with it.

7. She Called People Out

She called out many of the people who were showing up at her home to take her photos. She called it intrusive, and she made it very clear to fans that she is not happy with it. She asked those who were doing things like this to her to ‘sort themselves out,’ and she took a stand for her own safety and her own privacy.

8. She is Very Private

She is a superstar in every manner of speaking, but she is also someone who really wants to have her privacy respected by fans. If she is not willing to share things, she’d like to have that power. She doesn’t want to spend her entire life in front of a camera or a microphone. There are moments that are her own, and she’d like the world to respect that.

9. She Loves Dogs

She has one, and she doesn’t like to see her dog’s photos if she did not share them herself. She is not amused when her life is shared without her own consent, but she is a dog lover. Her dog is important to her, and it’s clear that her little pup is her very favorite.

10. She is a Superstar

Because she is both a singer and an actress, she’s become something of an icon for her fans. She is a superstar because she’s so good at the many things she’s doing, and she loves doing what she loves. In addition to acting and singing, she’s become something of a fashion icon for her fans, too. She’s not afraid to play with her style and try new things, but she seems very aware what works for her and her body versus what is trendy and stylish at the moment. Her fans look up to her, and they find her inspirational in every way.

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