10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jean Muggli

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jean Muggli

Generally speaking, people will recognize the name Jean Muggli because she is the ex-wife of Michael Strahan. Recenly, her name has popped up in the entertainment news because the two have headed back to court for the purpose of fighting it out over the issue of child support. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Jean Muggli:

1. Used to Be a Shop Attendant

When Muggli met Strahan, she was still a shop attendant at a salon plus spa that specialized in skin care. Apparently, it was a case of love at first sight for Strahan, who proceeded to buy a ridiculous number of soap bars while visiting the salon again and again over the course of a month. As for Muggli, it wasn’t too long before she figured out that Strahan was interested in her, though she also admitted that there was a chance that Strahan was just very, very interested in cleanliness.

2. Found that Strahan Wasn’t a “Typical Macho” Athlete

Speaking of which, Muggli has stated that she tends not to be interested in athletes. However, she soon found out that Strahan didn’t fit her image of the “typical macho” athlete. Something that presumably played a part in their romantic relationship transitioning into a marriage in 1999.

3. Once a Celebrated Couple with Strahan

People are in a state of constant change, which in turn, means that personal relationships are in a state of constant change. As a result, that which was once harmonious can become . . . well, not so harmonious with the passage of time. For proof, consider Muggli and Strahan, who were once celebrated for being one of the best celebrity couples in Manhattan but have since become much, much better-known because of the very public and very acrimonious way in which their marriage came to a conclusion.

4. Claimed that Strahan Was Physically Abusive

One of Muggli’s claims was that Strahan was physically abusive. To support her claim, she produced pictures of her covered in bruises, which received a fair amount of attention from entertainment news outlets. Furthermore, Muggli made the claim that Strahan’s physical abuse was so bad that her kidneys were damaged with the result that she spent a few days vomiting blood.

5. Claimed that Strahan Had Lost Interest in Her

Besides that, Muggli also claimed that Strahan had lost interest in her with the result that he refused to sleep with her.

6. Strahan Counter-Claimed that There Was a Financial Issue

As for Strahan, he made the counter-claim that there was a serious financial issue troubling his relationship with Muggli. To be exact, he claimed that Muggli had withdrawn $3.3 million, for which he wanted an explanation about what had happened as well as what it had happened. Unsurprisingly, financial issues played a huge role throughout the entire process. In fact, considering the reason that the two have winded up back in court, it seems safe to say that financial issues continue to play a huge role in the whole mess.

7. Had One of the Most Expensive Divorces in Sports

Even now, Muggli was involved in one of the most expensive divorces in the world of sports. This is because Strahan was ordered by the judge to pay her a total of $15 million, which was particularly noticeable because that was more than half of Strahan’s net worth. On top of that, Strahan had to pay $18,000 a month for child support, which caught even more attention because of some of the expense items that Muggli brought up. In particular, it is worth mentioning the $22,500 spent on photographs, the $27,000 on clothes, and the $1,700 spent on sign language classes for their 20-month-old twin daughters on an annual basis. All of which were much talked about at the time.

8. Went Quiet Afterwards

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Muggli went quiet after her divorce battle with her ex-husband. For instance, she relocated, thus putting a fair amount of physical distance between her and the scenes that she used to frequent. Furthermore, she stopped showing up at social events for the most part, with the result that she more or less faded out of the public eye. On top of that, Muggli even disabled her social media accounts for the sake of protecting her privacy as well as her family’s privacy, which is a rarity in a time in which people are obsessed with the medium. Curiously, Muggli even seems to have had a cordial relationship with her ex-husband before the latest incident, though for obvious reasons, a lack of evidence means that interested outsiders can do nothing but make guesses about her personal relationships.

9. It Is Unclear What Is Happening

Currently, it is unclear what is happening with Muggli and Strahan’s court battle because both parties have made claims and counter-claims. Apparently, Muggli is claiming that Strahan has failed to make certain payments as promised, with the result that she has headed to court for the purpose of seeking redress for those issues. Meanwhile, Strahan is claiming that he has always honored his commitments to his children while Muggli is just seeking to raise the child support even higher. It seems safe to say that the truth won’t come out to the public for some time to come, assuming that it ever actually does. However, that hasn’t stopped a wide range of people from already taking an interest and thus taking sides in the matter.

10. The Latest Case Might Involve Horseriding Lessons

With that said, there are sources that claim that the whole thing might involve horseriding lessons for Muggli and Strahan’s two daughters. To be exact, the claim is that Strahan agreed to cover some of the costs for the lessons but have since backed out. Of course, this is pretty much like every other piece of information about the court battle in that there is no real confirmation of its truth one way or the other.

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