10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Mesnick

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jason Mesnick

Jason Mesnick

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette fans probably already recognize this guy. He was a contestant in season 4 of The Bachelorette and on the 13th season of The Bachelor. This TV reality star was born in Cleveland, Ohio in July of 1976, according to Married Biography. Trying to find true love, Jason Mesnick took the opportunity to appear on the two sister-shows that try to help either a bachelor or bachelorette whittle their way through a group of men or women, also eager to land themselves a love interest. Not all who appear on the show are successful, however, for Mesnick, things couldn’t have turned out better. He’s now married, a father, and living his dream. If you already know who this guy is from either of the popular reality shows, then keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Jason Mesnick.

1. Appeared on The Bachelorette

Mesnick appeared in the 2008 season 4 run of Bacheorette and thought he had a good chance at being the one the bachelorette would pick, as the male contestants tried to win DeAnnqa Pappa’s heart, however, it wasn’t meant to be. Mesnick made it as far as fourth runner up, ultimately losing to Jesse Csincsak, but it didn’t stop Mesnick from trying to find true love. He accepted to be the Bachelor for the upcoming season following his Bachelorette appearance.

2. Appeared on The Bachelor

Mesnick was chosen to be the bachelor the women would be swooning over in the following season of The Bachelor in 2009. He quickly won over the hearts of the women cast for the show, and in the end, he had chosen a girl named Melissa Rycroft, a previous Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. At the final rose ceremony, Mesnick asked Rycroft to marry him; she accepted, but he had second thoughts and broke it off with her.

3. Married the runner-up

Yes, Mesnick caused fans to go wild with how he handled the end of The Bachelor, season 9 in 2009. After breaking his short engagement off with Rycroft, Mesnick had Molly Malaney, the runner up, come out and it didn’t take long for him to let her know that it was her, he really wanted and asked for a second chance. She said yes, and the rest is history.

4. They’re wedding was a television special

Mesnick and Malaney have been married since February 27, 2010. Mesnick proposed to his bride in New Zealand while on vacation and when they set their wedding date, ABC wanted to air it as a special, especially since they are the only couple from the show to ever make it to the altar. The wedding aired on March 8, 2010 as a two-hour special, titled, The Bachelor: Jason and Molly’s Wedding.

5. He’s a real estate agent

Mesnick had at once held the job of account manager but with his love of real estate, he soon found himself in the business where he and his family live in Bellevue, Washington. Mesnick is in the residential end of real estate and works as a buyer’s agent, a listing agent, as well as he specializes in relocations, and staging for sellers. He loves working with families to make their dreams come true in home ownership.

6. The Bachelor has helped his career

According to Curbed, Mesnick says that being on The Bachelor played a role in his real estate career. It’s probably not hard to imagine that people recognize who he is  from his time on TV, and he says that this is how he gets some of his listings. People will start a conversation with him, asking him what he’s up to now. When he tells them he’s doing real estate now, it can sometimes lead to his being the listing agent of their property.

7. Pretended to live on a houseboat during The Bachelor

One of the episodes of the show requires the bachelor to take the girls to their hometown. During this episode with Mesnick, he, along with the crew of the show, created a ‘pretend’ home for him, which just happened to be a beautiful houseboat, replicated of the houseboat in the famous movie, Sleepless in Seattle. Mesnick was also very impressed that the crew actually moved everything from his son’s bedroom onto the boat to make his son feel right at home for the 24 hours they were on the boat filming.

8. His wife is the co-host of a radio show

According to US Magazine, Malaney is the co-host of a radio show in Seattle where the couple lives. While Mesnick gets up and heads off to sell houses, Molly heads to work at 106.1 KIIS FM radio station to do the morning show.

#9. Learned a life lesson from reality TV

There’s always a lesson to be learned in things we do, and for Mesnick, he claims he learned an important one by being on the reality TV shows. He claims that being on The Bachelor, he learned to be true to himself. During an interview, Mesnick explained how he recognizes that he didn’t always do that during the filming of the show and realizing that, he has taken that lesson with him as he now works with families, contractors, and other business people.

10. He was married before

Molly Malaney from The Bachelor wasn’t Mesnick’s first wife. Mesnick has been married before and has a son by the name 0f Ty who was born in 2005. Mesnick was married to Hilary Buckholz, with whom he shares his son with. The marriage lasted just four years, from 2003 to 2007, when it ended in divorce, and now the work together to co-parent their son.

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