Jason Aldean Releases First New Music Since Las Vegas Shooting

Jason Aldean Releases First New Music Since Las Vegas Shooting

Jason Aldean Releases First New Music Since Las Vegas Shooting

Jason Aldean hasn’t allowed the Las Vegas shooting back in October stop him from doing what he loves best. He’s just released his first music since that stressful time, and even went back to Las Vegas not long after the shooting to be with the victims. He was headlining for the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Vegas the night of the shooting, and rather than staying away and minding his own career he took an active part in raising funds for the victims of the shooting and insuring that they were either okay or hopefully on the road to recovery if possible. The cowardly attack that took the lives of so many that night likely scared a lot of people away from Vegas, but Aldean wasn’t one of them.

It’s strange how anyone could bring so much ammunition and firearms into a building and not be noticed, but the result was so horrendous that a lot of people were looking for a scapegoat soon after the fact. That was pretty normal as many folks wanted to know the who’s, what’s, and why’s about the situation but could find nothing and no one who could tell them just what was going on. For whatever reason a man opened fire into a crowd of people, much as has happened far too often in this country as of late. This time however it seems that something could have been done about it, though not a lot of people know just what. The musicians performing that night were taken off guard just as much as anyone, but at least they came together after the tragedy and decided to do something about it.

Nothing can bring back those that were lost that night, but through the efforts of Aldean and others people can at least start to heal and get an idea that life will go on. The tragedy of such a thing is enough to shake anyone’s faith in humanity and the world itself, but through the charity and goodwill of those that can afford to help make a difference things should hopefully look just a little less bleak and offer the chance of a brighter day on the horizon. Those words are somewhat cheap and easy to write when one hasn’t lost anyone in such a manner but the merest imagination of such a loss is bad enough that I personally don’t want to think what might happen if it did occur. Those people involved in the shooting had to have felt like the world just dropped out from under them, offering nothing but an uncertain place of immeasurable danger and uncertainty.

Hopefully the efforts made by Aldean and the others will show folks what it means to stand up to those that would spread terror in this manner. The inspiration that they grant will hopefully allow others to realize that terror can’t win out, and that despite all tragedy being resolute in one’s ways should be a goal to strive for.

Terror won’t win out, it just can’t.

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