10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jasmin Page Lawrence

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jasmin Page Lawrence

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jasmin Page Lawrence

Who doesn’t love a good celebrity reality show? We all do, right? That’s why “Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules,” is slated to be a big one. However, this is a bit different. This is less celebrity reality lives and more a play on the age-old reality show that Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton made famous when they traveled to farms and small towns to see how to live a simpler life. This show follows the kids of eight celebrities living on a ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for 30 days to see if they can help get the ranch back up and running after the pandemic shut it down. Jasmin Page Lawrence is one of those kids helping to get this ranch back up and running in approximately four weeks while also working hard to prove she is not just a famous last name without anything to offer. So, who is she?

1. She’s Got a Famous Father

You already know who her father is based on her last name. Since she’s too old to be the daughter of actress Jennifer Lawrence, we can narrow that one down to Martin Lawrence. The comedian and actor is her father, and she’s setting to prove herself more than just his daughter by appearing on this show.

2. She’s the Oldest

Martin Lawrence has three kids, and Jasmine Page is his eldest. She’s the big sister. She’s the one who has to set the example, who probably got away with a lot less than the middle and the baby, and she’s the one who had the most responsibility on her shoulders – if she’s like any oldest child.

3. She Has Appeared in Movies

She is a woman who is on the path to following her father in his acting footsteps. She was in his movie, “Bad Boys for Life,” alongside both himself and Will Smith, and she’s been working hard to see what else she wants to do with her life. Has nepotism played a role in her career? Yes, but she’s also quite good.

4. She’s Went to College

She followed in the footsteps of many great athletes, many great students, and many great all kinds of people who did all kinds of great things when she attended university at Duke. She was a North Carolina resident while she went to college, and Duke is one of the best schools in the region.

5. She’s in a Relationship

We think she is, anyway. She introduced the world to the man she’s in love with back in the summer of 2021 on her Instagram page, but that is the only photo she’s shared of them since. His name is Eric Murphy, and he just so happens to be the son of actor Eddie Murphy. We assume these two much be hilarious together.

6. She is Her Parents Only Child

She might have some serious siblings in terms of her father’s kids and even her mother’s kids, but she is the only child the two share. She’s the daughter of Patricia Southall (now Smith). She is the only child her mom and dad had during the course of their marriage, but she’s got several siblings as a result of their subsequent relationships. We’d try to count, but we aren’t sure we’ll even get this right. If our math is correct, she has two half-sisters from her father, and she has two half-brothers and a half-sister from her mother’s second marriage, and she has some stepsiblings. So, she’s one of a lot of kids.

7. She’s Got a Famous Stepfather

She doesn’t have just one famous dad. She’s got a famous stepfather, too, and he’s just as famous as her father, if we are being honest. Her stepfather is famed former NFL player Emmitt Smith. Smith married her mother when she was only four years old, which is also only three years after Lawrence and Southall divorced. They’ve been married since 2000.

8. She is Young

She is only 26 at the moment. She was born in 1996 during the middle of her parent’s short marriage. They wed in 1995. She was born in 1996. They divorced in 1997. She has no memory of her parents ever being together, but we hope that they did right by her and co-parented and did what they did for her.

9. She is Positive

If you’re going to say anything about her, say that she’s a positive person who seems like such a ray of sunshine. She’s not the most active person on the social media front, but the gist of what she does have to share is always on par with being positive, thankful, grateful, and blessed.

10. She’s Doing Big Things

Despite her name and the fact that many think she’s only doing well because of her parents, she’s doing well on her own. She’s making a name for herself, she’s making a life for herself, and she will continue to do big things.Nicole Richie

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