10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roma Abdesselam

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roma Abdesselam


Roma Abdesselam is a woman accustomed to being crucified online. She’s a Stay at Home Daughter per her social media platforms, and she’s making the most of that. She’s been getting hate left and right since she launched her platforms, and she’s fine with it. For the most part, Abdesselam knows exactly what she’s doing.

She knows that her controversial posts and comments garner her likes and engagement. The online personality made headlines for a mistake she made on a post. Abdesselam called Lebanese food ‘Lesbian food, and the likes/reactions kept rolling in. So, who is this woman who is beyond intelligent and knows how to use what she has to build a brand?

1. She is A Dermatologist

Not only is Abdesselam a dermatologist, but she also has a brand of her own. The online personality runs a skincare company called For The Dermatologist. That just goes to show that there’s more to her than her controversial online persona.

2. She’s a TikTok Influencer


When she’s not busy being a business owner and a skin guru, you’ll find her on TikTok. Her online presence is called The Stay At Home Daughter, which opens her up to a whole other world. Through this platform, Abdesselam has made quite a name for herself. It doesn’t hurt that it comes with ample followers.

Her online persona is into luxury items, and high-end designer goods. She’s also a huge fan of traveling the world.

3. She is Algerian

Abdesselam was born and raised in Algerian, which is another fun fact that many of her own fans may be unaware of.  Though she’s been in the public eye for some time, it’d seem that most people are more curious about her parents than anything else. That’s probably a side effect of tagging herself as the Stay at Home Daughter.

4. She’s an 80s Girl

Roma Abdesselam 3

One of the more shocking things about the social media personality is her age. It’s not impossible to perceive, but it’s a bit surprising to know that she’s in her 40s. Abdesselam was born on December 27. 1981

5. She is Hilarious

What’s life without a few laughs? That’s evidently a philosophy that Abdesselam lives by. Case point, she posted a photo of herself at the Met Gala in 2022, saying she looked so good after the Gala. Abdesselam went on to issue her thanks to everyone who helped her look so amazing. This included her nose job, fillers, and Botox.

6. Photos Aren’t Her Thing



When faced with the option of taking videos or taking pictures, Abdesselam stated that she’d rather take videos. She says that with pictures, she’s not sure what to do with her hands, how to sit, or how to pose. However, videos are a whole other ballgame. On her TikTok page, she does nothing short of keeping things real.

7. Her Fame Was Caused By A Simple Error

Not too often do you see people who climb the ranks of fame because of a typo. However, Abdesselam is one of the lucky few who can say this is true for her. A simple spelling mistake made her more famous than she could imagine.

Whether it was an autocorrect situation or she just wasn’t paying close attention, she wrote that she was eating out while having Lebanese food, but she accidentally spelled it Lesbian Food. The great thing is that she owned it and was gracious enough to laugh at herself.

8. She is Financially Supported By her Parents

Roma 3

The term Stay at Home Daughter isn’t just for fun. Abdesselam calls herself this because she’s financially supported by her own family and isn’t ashamed of it . She’s reportedly a  practising dermatologist– and also runs her own line. So, though she might have financial help from her parents, she seems to be doing all right on her own.

9. Hate Does Not Bother Her

When people say hateful things to her,  Abdesselam remains unbothered. This is probably because the more people engage with her, the more it translates to money. In a nutshell, whether it’s a good or bad those comments expand her reach and set her up for brand partnerships and collaborations.

10. She’s Wise

Roma Abdesselam

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of controversy to put someone on the map. This is exactly the sentiment Abdesselam tapped into to build her brand. She made a name for herself by being as controversial as possible.

She’s taken her financial blessings from her family, then branded that. Now she’s in a position where she can make lots of money by posting photos, sharing items, and being an entrepreneur. Altogether, she’s not lazy or unintelligent. Abdesselam has made some pretty good decisions.

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