10 Things You Didn’t Know about Roma Abdesselam

Roma Abdesselam is a woman accustomed to being crucified online. She’s a Stay at Home Daughter per her social media platforms, and she’s making the most of that. She’s been getting hate left and right since she launched her platforms, and she’s fine with it. She’s not stupid – she knows that her controversial posts and comments are what garner her likes and engagement. She’s making headlines now for a ‘mistake’ she made on an online post calling Lebanese food Lesbian food, and the likes are coming in faster than ever. Who is this woman who is beyond intelligent and knows how to use what she has to build a brand?

1. She is A Dermatologist

She’s a dermatologist, and she is also a woman who has a brand of her own. She has a skincare company that she calls For The Dermatologist. If you ask us, she’s a perfect model for her own company considering her glowing skin and beautiful features. We’d buy it.

2. She’s a TikTok Influencer

When she’s not busy being a business owner and a skin guru, you’ll find her on TikTok. She’s hanging out on social media under the name of The Stay At Home Daughter doing her thing. She’s making a name for herself with ample followers and a lot of life to share. She is into luxury items, high-end designer goods, and she is a huge fan of traveling the world.

3. She is Algerian

She was born and raised in Algerian to Algerian parents, which is another fun fact that many of her own fans are unaware of. She’s been working on her account for some time, and it seems that most people are more curious about her parents than anything else. We assume this is because she calls herself the Stay at Home Daughter.

4. She’s an 80s Girl

One thing most people are shocked to find out about this social media personality is her age. In no way, shape, or form would you imagine that she’s in her 40s, but here we are. She was born on December 27. 1981, which means she will celebrate her 41st birthday in 2022. She looks amazing.

5. She is Hilarious

She posted a photo of herself in New York City following the Met Gala in 2022 saying she looked so good after the Gala. She issued her thanks to those who helped her look so amazing – her nose job, fillers, and Botox. We laughed out loud – literally – when she posted it.

6. She is Not a Fan of Taking Photos

She’d rather take videos. She’s not sure what to do with her hands, how to sit, or where to pose. She’s good at it, but we get the awkward feeling she has when she does this. She’ll keep it a little more real over on the TikTok page, though.

7. She is in the Press

A simple spelling mistake just made her even more famous than ever, and she’s laughing with the rest of the world. Whether it was an autocorrect situation or she just wasn’t paying close attention, she wrote that she was eating out while having Lebanese food, but she accidentally spelled it Lesbian Food, and the world is collectively laughing hysterically. She owned it, and we love it.

8. She is Financially Supported By her Parents

The term Stay at Home Daughter is something she’s calling herself because she is financially supported by her own family, and she is not ashamed of that. She’s reportedly a dermatologist, so we do have to wonder if she chooses not to use that degree – and we also have to give her credit for running her own line. She might have financial help from her parents, but she seems to be doing all right on her own, too.

9. She is Not Bothered by Hate

When people say hateful things to her, she’s unbothered. Why? Because the more people engage with her, the more they like her posts, the more attention they give her, the more money she can make from brand partnerships and collaborations. You can hate all you want because she lives a lavish lifestyle because of her family, but she’s raking in the money, too.

10. She’s Wise

Here’s what we love about this woman. She’s led the world right to herself by being as controversial as possible. She’s taken her financial blessings from her family, branded that, and now she is in a position she can make a lot of money on her own just posting photos, sharing items, and being an entrepreneur. She’s not lazy, dumb, or unintelligent. In fact, she might just be smarter than the rest of us.

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