10 Interesting Life Facts About John Boyega

10 Interesting Life Facts About John Boyega
10 Interesting Life Facts About John Boyega

Credit: The Woman King

John Boyega has become a household name with his cast in TV shows and movies. His latest, The Woman King, is already attracting global attention with an IMDb rating of 6.7, and his work has set itself apart, making him a widely sought-after celebrity. His fans are already excited and looking forward to the next step from Boyega. Keep reading to learn 10 interesting life facts about John Boyega.

  1. He Could Have Become an Evangelist

Although John’s rapid rise to popularity in the acting industry shows he’s a natural in the trade, we might never have enjoyed his different characters had he not remained resolute in this passion. His parents had a different life path for him –continuing his father’s legacy of spreading the gospel. His confidence and vigor he displays in his movies tell me he would have fared just fine in this work too.

  1. Other Than Acting All His Life So Far, He is a Professionally Trained Actor

Not many actors boast of a long history in the trade, stretching to their childhood days. Luckily for Boyega, his CV is not short of recognition in the profession, perhaps, hinting at why he is quickly rising through the ranks lately. The skills he gained from the Identity School of Acting have undoubtedly been valuable because he featured in London’s top theatres at a tender age. Fun, right?

  1. He is Single but Very Detailed with the Kind of Woman Who Fits His Dating Profile

It’s rare to find a celebrity of Boyega’s age, 30, available for dating these days, considering the popularized PR for TV idols – having a wife and kids. For him, there is no rush. He is ready to take his time enjoying his career as he waits for the right queen to come his way. Before your heart skips a beat, he has a long list of preferences the ideal woman should satisfy. Aside from that, the heart-throb is 100% single.

  1. He has Dual Citizenship and Remains Vocal about the Affairs of Both Nations

You’ll find Boyega using his influencer position to set social things right in societies when he’s not practicing the best stunts to awe his viewers. He does not cow into silence and recognizes that the world needs brave people to voice the concerns of the disadvantaged and advance their agenda. Although he has spent the better part of his life in London, U.K., he recently called out the police for their brutality in Nigeria, his mother country, demanding respect for the people’s voice.

  1. A Golden Globe Awards Winner with Eyes Set on Bigger Prices

For many actors, satisfaction with their work and touching the lives of their audiences marks a significant life achievement. However, receiving awards for an exemplary piece is a cherry anyone would want to be topped to their fine shows and films. Although Boyega is not new to winning awards, he was grateful for rising to the Golden Globe one. Who knows, his new role in The Woman King might grab him another global accolade!

  1. He Remains Focused and Rarely Swayed by Flattery

When fans try to tease and draw him to engage in trivial debates, Boyega has always brushed them off lightly, showing his preference for constructive discussions. His latest incident involved a Twitter attempt by a fan calling him Denzel Washington’s younger version. Boyega cheekily acknowledged the fan but stayed clear of the comparative chit-chat.

  1. He Doesn’t Shy Away from Speaking His Mind

Boyega is not the kind of actor who runs away from criticism or buries his head in the sand when things get tough. Calling out Star Wars is just a snippet of his bravery because he has done more in other instances to defend himself, his character, or the ideals he stands for, even on social media platforms. In one instant, he bluntly gave a hater opposed to African Americans playing Stormtroopers his peace of mind by saying that is a reality people must accept because it’s here.

  1. He’s a Social Media Fan

Fame and being a public figure go hand in hand. In any case, it’s an uphill task for celebrities to keep their lives private. Why spend so much effort trying to hide what people already know? Boyega isn’t the kind to complicate his life. He spends quality time interacting with his followers on social media. It would seem Instagram and Twitter are his favorites considering the high number of fans there.

  1. He is an Ailurophile

Boyega frequently posts his feline friend on his social media accounts, affirming his love for pets. He’s had his cat as his closest buddy for quite some time now. We all know how adorable these flurry pals are, and their unconditional love makes them even more endearing to have around. His pictures and video posts show they are a perfect match, and it’s apparent that he gets along well with cats.

  1. He is a Food Lover

Few would agree that as fit as Boyega looks, he indulges himself in fast food. Well, the fact is that he has noted several times he’s in love with the joints, singling out McDonald’s as his favorite. It’s even known he was fond of treating his dates with food items from the enterprise, illustrating his close relationship with the food. It’s interesting how he manages to stay in shape then. It can only mean he accompanies the treat with worthwhile hours in the gym.

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