Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Krystle Houiess

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Krystle Houiess

Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Krystle Houiess

There is no doubt that excellency is associated with Krystle Kruz (aka Christelle Howeis & Krystle Houiess). Actor, director, producer & Ph.D. candidate Krystle has spent the last decade carving a name for herself in Los Angeles and internationally in film and academia. Her first short film from college, “A Broken Tear,” was screened in over twenty international film festivals and received six awards. Shortly after college, Krystle embarked on an upskilling journey, taking workshops in the United Kingdom and the United States, learning techniques including Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, and the Actor’s Studio. Upon completing her studies of Stella Adler in the USA, Krystle decided not to return to her hometown in Beirut, Lebanon. Instead, she chose to stay in Los Angeles and pursue her dream since being a little girl. While setting herself up in the US, Krystle bounced back and forth to Beirut to shoot her feature film – “Maskoun.” She was co-director, co-producer, and actor. After screening “Maskoun” in regional and international theaters, the feature film won over 36 international awards. Some of the film festival mentions are Nashville 47th International Film Festival and Fanta Sporto Film Festival 2016, which had honorable directors such as Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Amores Perros, Birdman & The Revenant).

1. Krystle is a Ph.D. candidate at European Graduate School.

After receiving her Master of Arts degree with distinction in Philosophy of Media and Communication from EGS, she continued her studies to pursue further education and understanding of the industry. Her professors include world-renowned artists and academics such as Slavoy Zizek, Avital Ronell, Judith Bulter, Wolfgang Schermikher. Studying in the Swiss Alps offered a unique and unparalleled backdrop as she grew as an actor. The opportunity to connect with nature and surround herself with great open-minded thinkers was an extraordinary experience.

2. She taught acting and filmmaking.

After finishing her Master of Arts degree in Switzerland, Krystle landed a job teaching acting and filmmaking at the University of Balamand in her home country. She was able to motivate and inspire students to follow their dreams despite all obstacles. She is still mentioned today about her outstanding performance as a teacher there. Her students still consider her as a mentor and reach out to her for advice all the time. She made the difficult decision to leave her teaching job to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles, California.

3. Krystle lit her leg on fire when she was eight years old.

Childhood scars, though common, seem always to have unique backstories. Krystle’s story is no exception. She was playing doctor as a kid and decided to put rubbing alcohol on her leg. She then proceeded to light a match. Thankfully the house was safe. Krystle now has a killer scar on the back of her leg. She considers it a great conversation starter.

4. Ethnic ambiguity.

No one can ever decipher Krystle’s background. Krystle jokes about having a game show called “Can You Guess Where I Am from?” and giving $1 for anyone who can guess her background. Her mix is unique and rare to find in this world. People have mistaken her for someone who comes from Latin Countries. She sometimes has to face people who are disappointed when they realize that she does not speak Spanish.

5. Krystle loves to DJ in her spare time.

She is a huge Techno/House fan. She has a deep passion for music and has a dream of one-day producing music that makes you feel. Some of her favorite DJs include Ben Bohmer, Monolink, and Artbat.

6. She published her first book at 29 years old.

Because of Krystle’s outstanding work on her Master Thesis. EGS decided to strike a deal with Atropos publishing house to make her book available for all people to read. Her book is called “In Repetition” and can be found at all book stores, including Amazon.

7. Krystle was a talent show winner at age 5.

She made her first breakthrough at five years old when her mom signed her up for a talent show in her hometown. She danced and sang on stage with the energy of a teenager. Krystle, at a very young age, decided that performing was what her heart always desired. That’s why she is in Los Angeles pursuing her dreams.

Watch for Krystal Houiess in her upcoming projects including her web series with De Marc Creative where she’ll be the lead storyteller in “Albna Beirut” (translation meaning “Our Hearts are Beirut”), her upcoming lead voiceover work in the feature film “Bonafide,” and her lead actor / ambassador project with NRJI Inc.

*** Photo credit: Daniel Santandrea ***

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