Jane the Virgin Review: Moving Out For Good?

Jane the Virgin

We’ve got some big moments this week on Jane the Virgin. Jane and Michael look for a house while making wedding plans, Jane helps Petra adjust to motherhood, and Charo pops in to lend her musical stylings and, well, who cares why she’s here, let’s just appreciate she’s here in all her fabulousness!

After the Villanueva women are displaced from their home, they pack up and move into the Marbella. Jane and Michael go house-hunting since they were already planning on moving in together after the wedding. They actually find the most perfect little house in their price range. The catch is that it’s 40 minutes out of town, a situation Jane knows Rafael will never go for. Sure enough, he doesn’t. He offers to loan Jane and Michael the difference if they can find a place they like in town, but that doesn’t work for Jane and Michael. Rafael relents with conditions, but Jane realizes she can’t deprive Rafael of Mateo’s milestones.

Petra isn’t having the easiest time adjusting to motherhood. Jane offers to take Petra, Anna, and Elsa to the Mother’s Support Group she went to. Petra relaxes when she sees that the other mothers really are going through similar things, but the more she talks, the others realize Petra might be developing Postpartum Depression. Petra feels judged at first, but Jane makes her see that she has done nothing wrong and she should be proactive and see a doctor. Petra is so grateful to Jane she yells at Rafael to get over himself and let Jane move. Unbeknownst to Jane and Michael, Petra also buys their dream house for them so Mateo can be close to both of his parents. Petra needs to know her family history to see if Magda was depressed when she had Petra. Magda does not help, telling Petra the best thing she could do is to give the babies away. Since Petra isn’t in her best state of mind, she listens.

Alba is blissfully happy in her renewed romance with Pablo, despite all of the signs that he is cursed. Pablo wants to take things to the next level, but Alba can’t make the same mistake again, especially after all the lessons on chastity she’s given to Jane. Pablo proposes on the spot and Alba announces she’s getting married! Xiomara thinks the whole idea is nuts, but she just wants to see her mom happy. It is only later that she and Jane find out Pablo is a two-faced philanderer. Alba rightfully kicks Pablo out of her life in the middle of the Marbella lobby.

Rogelio has differing opinions with his daughter as to the size and grandeur of her wedding. Jane wants to stick to the small wedding, but Rogelio isn’t having any of that. Jane says that if they haven’t met the guests, they aren’t invited. To that end, Rogelio brings his good friend Charo (as in THE Charo!) by to meet Jane. Jane is overwhelmed at this point and refuses Rogelio’s money if it comes at the price of not having the wedding she wants. Xiomara points out that the ceremony can still be Jane’s dream, but the reception is a big party that is mostly a family-planned affair. Not to mention, Rogelio didn’t get to see Jane’s big moments, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let him have this one. This is what finally gets Rogelio and Xiomara in a room together again. They may not be together, but they’ll always have their daughter, and she comes first. Rogelio recreates the Villanueva house on his soundstage, giving Jane what she always wanted, a wedding at home. The best part is Charo will still perform at the wedding!

Rafael is still getting to know his newfound brother Derek. He’s inclined to believe that Derek is innocent of knowing their mother’s crimes, but Michael isn’t convinced. Or at least that’s what the situation looks like from the outside. Really Michael and Rafael are still working together to figure out how much Derek really knows.

Anyone else think Petra was exceptional this week?

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