Jane the Virgin Review: And Then There Were Three

Jane the Virgin

The second birth from the second immaculate conception/turkey baster has finally arrived! Yes that is a sentence I just wrote. Only on Jane the Virgin, right? Let’s dive in and see how Petra’s babies made their way into the world this week.


Now that Jane and Michael are back together they have every intention of getting back to where they were before everything got crazy. It’s not so easy when they can’t ignore Rafael’s existence. When Jane realizes that her favorite author stole her idea last year for a new novel, she and Michael decide to claim so publicly. The one record that Jane’s work predated Angelique Harper’s was in an old email she sent to Rafael when they were together, which is buried amongst other emails which detail how happy they once were. It brings up a lot of painful memories for both Jane and Michael about how they should have been married by now. Petra is the first to say how dumb it is to want to go back and recapture the past, since Jane and Michael were already having problems with or without Rafael.


Rafael is about to be a dad again, but he’s still in mourning over losing Jane. So he decides to take a little page out of old Rafael’s playbook, or should I say, little black book. Since Jane is so preoccupied with Michael, Petra is the only one who notices Rafael is spiraling. She basically tells Rafael that as much as he has a right to flip out, he is about to be a father of three so he needs to get it together. Michael is continuing his investigation into finding Rafael’s mother. His new method is to try to find Rafael’s half-brother Derek, which Rafael wants no part of, until Petra gets through to him.


Rafael decides to work with Michael to find his mother. He decides to use his various charms to get a meeting with Derek’s sometime girlfriend so the police can track him down. Having no knowledge of what Rafael has been up to, Petra kidnaps Jane so they can find their baby daddy together. Jane tells Petra the truth and then they go off on a mission to get Angelique Harper to admit she stole Jane’s idea. Petra coaches Jane in how to take down Angelique, but Jane decides that getting her say can wait when Petra’s water breaks.


Rafael and Michael are stuck in traffic after their plan blows up, so it is up to Jane to get Petra through her labor. Petra is no ray of sunshine, not even a little bit polite through this whole process. I’ll admit, I was scared when she started cursing in Czech. Jane uses Petra’s tactics against her, mustering her best scary face to motivate Petra into pushing the babies out. When all is said and done, it’s a beautiful moment between the two of them. Her decision to name her daughters after the Frozen sisters, well…discuss that in the comments.


Xiomara has a lot to deal with when she finds out that Alba actually had premarital sex. This results in one of the strongest performances in all of Season 2. Xiomara is furious at the hypocrisy Alba has since she has made Xiomara feel ashamed her whole life for enjoying sex. Even Jane can’t disagree with Xo on this one. After everyone cools down Alba apologizes and Xiomara tries to make things better by inviting Alba’s former lover to town. Too bad this is the last thing that Alba wanted.


While all of this is going on, no one realizes that Rogelio is in trouble. He spends almost two weeks with his stalker Lola, and puts on the performance of a lifetime in order to gain her trust and eventually make his escape. His captor Lola has become more unhinged, so Rogelio drugs her and tries to make his escape, which fails. #SaveRogelio


Do you think Rafael can handle being a father of three? Can the girls handle the playground teases to “Let it Go”?

Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 14 Review: “Chapter Thirty-Six”


Petra gives birth in a very Petra-like way in the latest Jane the Virgin.

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