Jane the Virgin Review: Yes, And

Jane the Virgin

Finally, finally, finally, we can say that it is now all about Jane and Rafael! The timing has finally worked out that these two are together, happy, and everyone’s fine with it, even Petra. Petra’s been expecting this, and is more annoyed when the new couple interrupted her work day than anything else. This kind of happiness has been a long time coming on Jane the Virgin. So much about this story, and those around them, is that they are a continuation of what has happened before. Everyone has balls in the air, constantly seeking what will define the next chapter in their lives. Sometimes you find it, sometimes it finds you, and sometimes it smacks you in the face like a bully on the playground.

Another big reason Petra isn’t bothered by Jane and Rafael is that she is sorting through her own romantic feelings for J.R.  That certainly came out of nowhere for Petra. However betrayed Petra feels, it hasn’t stopped her feelings for the woman. She trusts J.R. enough to keep her around, which in and of itself is a big thing for Petra. Petra hardly trusts anyone, and with good reason. The closer she and J.R. get…well…it was a very interesting morning after. Despite their closeness, neither one of them is off the hook. Petra is still under investigation, and now J.R. has to worry about her mother’s safety from the blackmailer.

Rogelio realizes he needs to pay more attention to Xiomara when he realizes his wife has been keeping something from him. Turns out, Xiomara signed up for a local dance competition. The woman needed something to call her own. Being self-absorbed much of the time is just apart of who Rogelio is, but he has taken it a bit too far in the past few weeks. It takes a lot of work to adapt a new television show, but that doesn’t mean he should ignore his wife’s dreams. Be careful what you wish for though, since Rogelio is an all-or-nothing kind of guy. Once he finds out what Xiomara has been up to, he is a bit (okay, alot) over-the-top supportive. They still need to find the balance as newlyweds. The biggest part of being married is working through things as partners. Xiomara is going to need that, especially if the lump in her breast turns out to be malignant. Yes, Xo might have breast cancer. There is no way to sugar coat that as anything other than life’s slap in the face.

Jane and Rafael are not only happy together, they are going after their dreams together. In addition to looking for new work, Rafael has started the search for his birth parents. He spent the whole hour searching, with Jane by his side. But this is a telenovela, so you didn’t expect it to all be sweet, right? Because there is someone very angry with Rafael, who would like nothing more than to torture him with this lack of information. Luisa gets too many passes. The truth is, she can’t do anything right, and so has given in to doing everything wrong!

Jane is fully supportive of Rafael’s goals, just as she is trying to tackle her own. With Petra’s book on hold, Jane goes back to writing. But after re-reading the horrible book review she got for her first novel, Jane is stuck on criticizing herself. Sometimes we can call Rogelio self-absorbed, but if you turn that around and call it self-reflective, Rogelio’s actions take on a whole new meaning. He himself has had to suffer through some difficult critiques, but has turned that into drive. Rogelio suggests that Jane channel the criticism into an improv class. The bad news is that Jane is terrible at improv. The good news is that Jane is great with homework assignments, so she decides to go back to writing class to refine her skills. Jane needs the structure, so why not go back to a system that works for her?

I’m altogether pleased with the way things are headed on Jane the Virgin. Is anyone out there not?

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