Jane the Virgin Review: It’s Not a New Chapter, But a New Book

Jane the Virgin

25 years of celibacy and Jane is…still a virgin. Your husband being shot on your wedding day tends to put things like the wedding night on hold, and on hold, and on hold, and on hold. Fear not Jane the Virgin fans, we’re inching closer to the big moment. Inching at a snail’s pace, but still. Before we get to what Jane is sure to consider the fun stuff going forward, Jane and Michael have a few things they need to work through physically and emotionally.

Now Jane is already high-strung on a normal day, but she hasn’t had a minute of real rest since Michael was shot. For over a month after Michael’s shooting she has had the same nightmare about Michael actually dying from his wounds. It doesn’t help that Michael’s ready to get back to work as soon as possible, or that the doctor has shut down the idea of the newlyweds having sex. Taking care of both her husband and her child is stressful, but it’s a steady routine Jane can focus on. Plus it takes her mind off of stepping back into the Marbella, which she hasn’t been able to do since her wedding night. Routine is good, routine is safe, but routine has never been big on Rafael’s vocabulary. Seeing Jane marry Michael finally freed Rafael of his love for Jane. I doubt he’ll ever be over her completely, but at some point you have to start living your life for you. Ergo Rafael now makes decisions based on what he believes, not what he thinks will make Jane happy. It’s about time!

Rafael thinks that they should explore other preschool options for Mateo than the Catholic school nursery he has been in. It’s not a bad idea. Both of Mateo’s parents should feel comfortable with where their son goes to school. Their decision is hindered by the fact that Mateo has suddenly become aggressive. Jane doesn’t believe that Mateo bit another kid until he turns his aggression on his mother. Mateo has had as much emotional upheaval as his mother, it’s no wonder he’s acting out. Jane and Rafael visit a “hippy-dippy” preschool which they both scoff at. However some time in the Compassion Corner lets them vent their fears and frustrations. Ultimately Jane and Rafael find the school to be a nurturing environment for their son. It’s never too early to instill life-long compassion in children. With two parents prone to stress, Mateo learning to be calm at a young age should come in handy down the line. After all, Mateo’s extended family is more than a little wacky.

While Petra has been #Anezkatized, her evil twin sister is taking full advantage. Rafael is occupied with Jane and his kids (hint, hint Rafael!), so he hands over the business decisions to Petra. Since Petra isn’t Petra, it’s the worst mistake he could make. Anezka spends her days trying to find something to blackmail Rafael with, and accidentally has an affair with hotel employee Scott to cover her tracks. Surprisingly Anezka and Scott hit it off. In addition to pleasing her like no one else has, Anezka can use her relationship with Scott to her advantage. Scott knows everyone’s secrets, and he’s more than willing to share them with “Petra”. The real Petra can only lay there and watch in horror what has become of “her” life.

Also under stress are Jane’s parents. Xiomara is terrified that Alba will discover she had an abortion. As time goes by Alba starts dropping little hints which make Xiomara think that her mother knows the truth. When Xo just can’t take the uncertainty anymore, she confesses. Alba blames herself and Xiomara for the choice she made. She just can’t get over what Xiomara did. As Xo puts it, Alba is making her feel guilty for not feeling guilty. Xiomara made the right choice for herself at this point in her life. This is just something Xiomara and Alba are going to have to agree to disagree on. Alba loves her daughter, what’s done is done, and they just have to move forward.

Rogelio’s reputation has taken a big hit after the whole trading urine thing went public. It doesn’t help that his archnemesis Esteban’s fame is only growing. The next step in Rogelio’s career is to try to break into American television. The only problem is that they want him to work on his American accent, which is doable for the part (though let’s focus on that creating ethnic inclusion thing, not adapting to the old ways). Rogelio doesn’t just want to cross over to American cinema because of the fame. He is a big star in Mexico but he hasn’t lived in Mexico for a long time. His home is in Miami with his family, which is why it’s important to him to make a career there. He doesn’t get the crossover part he wanted, but his passion fuels inspiration. Rogelio decides to stop waiting for someone to give him a breakthrough role. Why do that when you can create your own medium? Rogelio will bring telenovelas to the U.S.

Michael has been recovering at the Villanueva house for weeks while he recuperates. He’s been working on his physical therapy, getting caught up on his own case, and occasionally offering advice to his family. For someone who spends half his days convalescent, Michael’s been busy. So busy that he hasn’t let the truth of his situation sink in. He almost died. It takes Mateo biting him for Michael to realize just how much he’s been keeping inside. It’s okay to be afraid. Michael and Jane did nearly lose everything they’ve ever wanted. Now they have to live their lives without fear and hesitation. You know what that means. With the doctor’s approval, Jane and Michael can finally consummate their marriage!

Tune in next week when  we can finally put a big line through the Virgin part of Jane’s identity.

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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 2 Reveiw: "Chapter Forty-Six"


Jane and Michael adjust to married life as Jane the Virgin marks new paths for everyone.

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