Jane the Virgin Review: Jane Is Blindsided By Heartbreak

Jane the Virgin

Nothing feels better than working years on your dream and finally accomplishing it. Jane the Virgin breaks out the champagne, because Jane is officially a published author! Jane has worked at this for four years, and now her dreams are finally coming true. Of course, the road to success doesn’t get any less bumpy just because Jane finished the book. The universe puts a few more obstacles in Jane’s path, including a ghost from Jane’s past. While she can handle a few curve balls, Jane didn’t know she would be blindsided.

Petra has been dealing with one dramatic moment after another. Petra loses her mind easily, but having her crazy mother and sister running the hotel is a nightmare. Magda and Anezka have no business running the hotel. All Petra wants is her hotel back, but she can’t count on Rafael since he is trying to be less obsessed with the hotel. Helping out wouldn’t necessarily be obsessive, but Rafael is still recovering from those broken ribs. While Petra handles her crazy family, Rafael takes a job as a bartender at the Marbella. He doesn’t exactly have the experience or clean criminal record to do much else. Although, he did push Jane to write her book, for which he gets his own paragraph in the Acknowledgements section.

It’s a good thing Jane can keep calm under pressure, because the the universe felt the need to throw her curve ball after curve ball before her book’s launch party. All Jane wanted was a simple opening with her family and a few agents at her favorite bilingual bookstore. When the bookstore shuts down because the owners can’t afford the increased rent (thank you gentrification), Rogelio tries desperately to help Jane. This means putting his own money on the line, and calling in a favor from People Español. Unfortunately, Fabian sabotages Rogelio’s efforts with People’s publisher when Rogelio won’t allow his character a proper death scene. In retaliation, Fabian blackmails Jane into writing the scene. Joke’s on him, because the monologue he wants is filled with every awful cliche in the book. Jane gets the book party she wants, and Fabian can kiss that film role goodbye.

After all of this drama, Jane should be happy. It’s just that you can’t have a family party without family. Rafael and Adam both get stuck at work, and the one person on Jane’s mind can only be there in spirit. It may not a great sign that Jane has been thinking of Michael just as she keeps getting the urge to tell Adam she loves him. It’s not because her love for Adam isn’t genuine. It’s because her love for Adam is completely separate from anything related to Michael, which makes it real. Of all the people to give Jane clarity, it is her idol Isabel Allende! She comes to Jane’s book party, and it’s like a dream come true. Except, Jane feels guilty for being happy. Isabel Allende isn’t just an inspiration to Jane on paper, she’s Jane’s real-life hero. Having suffered the loss of her daughter, she knows the guilt and the pain Jane feels because of her happiness. Jane can’t be afraid of living. She has to seize life.

Unfortunately, this is the first blinding moment of the hour. As soon as Jane makes up her mind to tell Adam she loves him, Adam tells Jane he is taking a job in LA. Adam isn’t wrong for wanting to advance his career. He’s never been this passionate about an opportunity before, but Jane inspired him. Something tells me she would have been less overt in her excitement had she known this would be the outcome. That heartbreak is nothing to what Xiomara feels when she finds out Rogelio knew, or more accurately, chose not to know, if Xiomara gave birth to Jane. Xo can forgive Ro for a lot of things, but this is going to take some patience. At least Rogelio has the chance to fix things with his family. Anezka? Not so much. Poor little girl with the bad shoes meets her death at the end of a rope.

Did Adam’s exit make sense? And who killed Anezka?

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