10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jacob Elordi

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jacob Elordi

Jacob Elordi

Jacob is an Australian born actor and model who became a household name for playing Noah Flynn in Netflix 2018 movie titled “The Kissing Booth.” The film was a massive success among teenagers in the 2018 summer. According to the New York Times, Netflix’s director admitted that they hardly marketed the movie. Instead, fans found it themselves, liked it, and spread the word. The rising star that was born in Brisbane on June 16th, 1997 has also starred in other movies such as Swinging Safari (2017) and The Mortuary Collection in (2018). He is currently playing Nate Jacobs alongside Zendeya who acts as Rue in the HBO television show “Euphoria.”

1. He played an uncredited role in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

You probably know Jacob Elordi as a very tall and talented Australian actor who plays in “The Kissing Booth” and once date Joey King. We bet you didn’t realize that Elordi has had a character in one of the most significant movie sanctions of all time. Yes, that’s right; when Jacob was 17 years, he landed his second film gig in the “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” He appears in a red coat at a locus when Jack Sparrow and Karina Symth are about to be killed and acts as a Saint Martin’s marine.

2. He confessed that he doesn’t want to be a heart-throb

According to Magzter, the star, whom teenagers have been losing sleep and drooling over, recently said in an interview that he doesn’t want to be internet’s bae. In other words, the young, hot, and ambitious star does not care whether he excites romantic feelings in females or not. Instead, he chooses the path of Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio; he has a plot and an objective to achieve in his acting career.

3. He gets involved in activism events

Despite not being from the United States, the young actor is not shy from participating in significant advocating activities. On March 24th, 2018, the actor, his then-girlfriend (Joey King) and her family took part in the March for Our Lives Protests. The event advocates for the introduction of laws to prevent or reduce gun violence in the US. The actor was photographed with his ex-girlfriend holding banners that had messages objecting to guns.

4. He is so appreciative

In a previous interview, Jacob Elordi recalls how he was perplexed when he received a call from Netflix to inform him that he would be starring in The Kissing Booth. Jacob told them on how he is grateful for his new HBO Euphoria series role as he was practically homeless during the auditions. He acknowledges that he did not expect the part because it so hard to land TV roles in Hollywood’s competitive film industry. Elordi has also shown the recognition of his fans as he uploaded a picture of himself on a mirror with a long sweet appreciative message to show gratitude to them on Instagram.

5. His Zodiac sign suggests he is a ‘falling with all heart’ kind of partner

While most of his on-screen characters and looks may indicate that Elordi is an impolite terrifying villain, the star’s star sign says otherwise. The actor’s Zodiac Sign is Cancer, which comprises of partners who yearn to fall in love and connect deeply with the other person for a long time. Cancers are heavily associated with emotions, and when they love, they do it genuinely. On the other hand, when they are hurt, Cancers are hurt deeply. It’s worth noticing that after his break up with co-star Joey King, Elordi deleted all of his and King’s pictures on his Instagram handle. It is a little reflection of his star sign.

6. Jacob Elordi knows how to ride a motorbike

In The Kissing Booth, Jacob’s character, Noah, is a professional in riding motorcycles. Well, we just learned that the actor did not use a stunt master in the movie and he is an expert in riding motorbikes in real life too. Elordi has previously revealed that he learned to ride a bike while he was on the set and has ever since perfected on it. He said he is planning to acquire a motorbike of his own soon.

7. He started acting since he was 11

As a child, Jacob remembers admiring Australian actor also famously known for his role as ‘The Joker’, Heath Ledger. The film lover also idolized Nicole Kidman and Jack Hughman and decided that he would be an actor like them upon growing up. His acting days can be traced to the dramatic productions hosted by his school. Elordi sharpened his acting skills while pursuing his academic qualifications too. He started professional acting training while he was in St. Joseph’s Nudgee College and halfway through college, Jacob auditioned for established acting roles.

8. He loves taking pictures

During his high school years, Jacob Elordi was fascinated by a variety of aspects in the field of art and studied a bit of photography. With a following of over 6 million fans on Instagram alone, Jacob Elordi sees social media as the best platform to express his love for photography. He often posts alluring photographs of himself showing his skills.

9. Elordi has spent most of his life in Australia

Although this might now change since his acting career is currently based in Los Angeles, Jacob was born and fully raised in Australia. He was born in Brisbane, Queensland in Australia. His Aussie accent is so evident, and his fanatics are always confessing on how his accent makes him more attractive.

10. His current girlfriend

Remember when Jacob Elordi snatched co-actor Joey King after they had met on the set of The Kissing Booth? If the word going around is right, this would be the second time the actor is dating a fellow co-actor. He and Zendaya have been spotted vacationing in Greece and taking pictures together. Zendaya has also uploaded a video of Elordi cuddling her puppy, and they have quickly sparked dating rumors according to Teen Vogue. Still, there is also the possibility that he is dating Cari Flowers. In June 2019, Cari posted photos on her Instagram of them kissing passionately. Jacob tries to keep his love life private since breaking up with Joey King, but with time, we will be sure to update you on where his heart lies.

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