It Sounds Like Jeffrey Dean Morgan Would Still Like to Play Batman

Time might be running out for Jeffrey Dean Morgan, but it does sound as though he still wants a shot at playing the role of Batman. At the moment it doesn’t feel too likely since not only is Robert Pattinson taking over the role in his own solo movie, it’s also apparent that Michael Keaton might be showing up in the Flash movie, which means there might be no room at this time for another version of Batman unless a cameo could somehow be created that might give Morgan his chance. The might not be a bad idea really since it could give Morgan the shot he wants, even if for just a brief time, and it could even satisfy the fans in some way. It might be that some folks want to see what he might do with an entire movie, but right now the future of Batman appears to be resting on a couple of different pairs of shoulders and it’s not certain that Batfleck won’t come back at some point. Morgan might have missed his ideal chance a while back, but at the very least it’s easy to think that injecting him into the story somewhere as Batman, perhaps as an alternate version of the vigilant, still sounds like a great idea. It’s easy to admit that there’s been no shortage of work for Morgan over the years since the guy has taken on some great characters in a couple of different stories and he’s been kicking around long enough to be a well-respected actor that can take on various roles if called upon to do so. But Batman does come with a huge responsibility and even for a few minutes or less in a movie, one would have to be more than a little convincing since fans tend to rip movies apart if something feels wrong. 

There are other characters that Morgan might be able to play in the DC universe, as Lobo appears to be another name that he might want to try out apparently. It feels as though this guy should be granted a bigger part in the DC universe in the near future since he’s already been in a couple of properties that have been featured by DC. Taking on the role of Batman does feel like it could work, but it would have to be the right project to be certain, since anything the likes of which is coming up might not be available or possible. It’s always nice to think that he might be able to play the older version of Bruce Wayne for an upcoming movie, but until we see that happen it might be that his window for donning the suit might be closing quicker than people like to admit. Morgan has had a great career up to this point and for all intents and purposes, he should be able to keep going strong for a while to come since the guy is one of those that people can’t help but enjoy since he has an easy manner to him that a lot of fans like and happen to think makes him eligible for many a role. But he can definitely be brooding, moody, and dark when he needs to be, which is why it’s not hard to see him as a prime candidate for Batman. Still, seeing him as the older version of Bruce Wayne does feel like a better idea simply because the Batman that we’re seeing at the moment is either just starting out or is in the middle years of his life and not quite bowed by time. So perhaps a Batman Beyond live-action movie should be given a serious thought in the near future, if only to make certain that Morgan gets his shot, at least in some way. 

It would kind of fit with his act to be certain, since despite being a fan favorite, Morgan isn’t exactly the guy that’s on the front lines all the time, as he’s been the type of character that’s hung back quite often and let his voice and his demeanor do the work for him. There have definitely been moments when his characters have had to step up, and he’s done wonders with the scenes that have demanded this of him, but being that he’s firmly into his 50s and has never really been established as an action star much like many of his fellow costars, it does feel as though he should be the guy that’s seen more as a mentor and the kind of person that no one should want to mess with, but not the same caliber as Batman in his prime. This is kind of why Lobo is a strange proposition as well since the Main Man kind of needs to be aggressive to really work. But we’ll see what happens, like always. 

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